Ability to disable camera transitions when changing views

Hi !

All is in the subject !
I remember that we used to be able to choose between smooth and immediate transitions when we switched between two views in FSX.
Sometimes, for cabin views, it’s really better to have no transition !

May be not a big thing to add for Asobo ( i’m french if it can help :sunglasses: )
Thanks !

Already there. Not sure on default… Ctrl 1, or ctrl F1 and up? Then customize from there. Anyways, direct view toggle is there, no transition/ panning to selected area.

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ô great, thank you !!
I will check in my next fly !
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I’d love if there was a feature to get rid of the camera moving from custom view to custom view. I just want it to show me what I want to look at, I don’t want the camera to smoothly transition there. It’s pointless. It’s super annoying and makes it stutter a bunch.

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Hi PhilFlight!

I have the same issue - and find the transition from one view to the other quite annoying.

Have you been able to get direct transitions between views?

Thank you!

I wish there was a way to disable camera “Transition”. It cause severe motion sickness on me. Also the multiple monitor users will not be happy with that slide effect on transition, there must be an option to disable it completely by the settings.