Ability to reset a bush trip, and update base game bush trips

Please add the ability to reset a bush trip, and update the in-game bush trips with that ability.

To reset a bush trip on PC, it requires the user to go and remove their save files on their PC for that bush trip. That resets it so the user can start from the first leg again. On Xbox, those files are saved on cloud storage, where the user has no access to them. There is no current way Xbox users can reset a bush trip.

Now, the reason why this is required is, bush trips were broken with prior sim updates and hotfixes. They were fixed with Sim Update 7. HOWEVER, some of those saved bush trip files, they don’t work with the new update and fixed bush trips. The only way to proceed with the bush trip is to delete the save files. Xbox users cannot do that. So there are Xbox users who have the corrupted bush trip save files in their cloud storage, but they can NEVER as of right now proceed with the bush trip because they can’t reset it. They are forever (unless this fix is put in place) locked out of that content forever.

Now, I understand bugs can happen. But any Xbox user doing a bush trip, be it game provided or worse yet, purchased 3rd party content, are taking a chance that if a bug is encountered, they can forever be locked out of that content that they paid for. There needs to be a mechanism that they can reset themselves like PC users can, and not be locked out of content.

I think that actual control over the cloud sync user data would be handy here.

This could include but also not be limited to Bush Trip progress and similar.

It could also include input control data (ideally with the ability to save/delete/backup locally)

Yeah, I figured that would go past what Microsoft would like security wise. 3rd party developers would also have to be restricted, so an API call that deletes the relevant save file should work. That way even PC users wouldn’t have to hunt down the file themselves. But for XBox, this is the only way to ensure users aren’t forever locked out of content that they paid for.

Are you saying the bush trips are fixed?
And what is an API?

But trips are fixed for what was halting progress. There is a very small percentage of those who had the issue that it saved a bad save file for. The bad save file still halts progress, thus requiring to reset the bush trip.

An API call is basically a web service call. So 3rd party developers in their own bush trips and missions can make an external web call using the Asobo API, and it will remove the save file. So by providing an API call which can do the funtionality, both 3rd party and Asobo bush trips can have the ability to be reset from within the bush trip.

Ok thanks , Another silly question . I wonder why this wasn’t mentioned in the release notes ? At least I can’t find any mention of it .
I thought I’d try something and try one offline . The Balkan one. Yes it seemed to be working ok . That is I seemed to be progressing through the legs ok . I am now on Leg 6 . I noticed a couple of things . In Leg 5 the line on the VFR map was missing . I was able to complete the leg tho, In leg 6 the line appears again .
Also Although the line is there the POI’s seem to be missing .
I believe the Balkan one has an achievement reward . I wonder because I have been doing it off-line will it prevent me from retaining the achievement?
Still don’t understand the API thing . but that’s ok . Thanks for explaining it anyway

Basically, the API is a centralized way of having code that different addons can call. So the base game bush trips, and any third party addon, can have a button on the bush trip page, perhaps above the list of legs, that says “Reset Bush Trip”. When you press that, it would call something like http://api.msfs.microsoft.com/bushtrip/reset/bushtripID. That API code, it will determine the best way to remove the bush trip save files. It’s a little bit more involved than that, and would require more parameters and such to the call, but it illustrates the general approach. The goal is to provide a central function that both Asobo and 3rd party bush trip and missions can call that will reset the bush trip.

Ok for the API explanation . Thanks , But what I really am wondering about , If the Bush trips are actually fixed , why isn’t there anything mentioned about it in the release notes ? And also the other thing . Does it matter if you do the trip on line or off line will the end result be the same. I.E. will the achievement still be granted because I’ve been doing the trip off-line?

Just flew the swiss mountain one. After leg 2 when i load the flight, flight plan is empty :frowning: any fix for that?

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I’m stuck in Norway. Flying the Norway Bush trip could be nice, but my game on the Xbox refuses to save the progress already after the first legs airport. Restarting and reloading the game made the mess even bigger: i start on the airport mentioned above and lost also all nav log entries :(.

I tried to return to the beginning and restart the bush trip, but the game always loads the broken progress without the possibility to take a different starting point.

My proposal: Make the bush trips resettable, so we can remove the complete progress of a trip. This would probably allow me and some others here in this community to retry broken parts and hopefully to fix or avoid those nasty bugs ourselves.


Can I ask you to clarify: Is the menu screen stuck on Leg 2, and not letting you select Leg 1? Or, you select Leg 1 but you spawn in Leg 2? Or, Leg 1 refused to complete?

Technically I’m at the end of leg 1 without being able to finalize it.
The main screen show thus only the first leg and clicking on “Start Trip” loads the game on the airport at the end of leg 1.

Unfortunately i don’t have the possibility to choose something different here and to start somewhere else.

bushtrips are borked on xbxox for now, maybe the su8 will fix it?

I know and we don’t know when a fix will be released for this. Also we don’t know if this bug or other bugs will reappear, so why not being able to reset the saves you have :slight_smile:

This issue and other bush trip related bugs are announced to be fixed/implemented in SU10. Thx and let’s hope the best :crossed_fingers:

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After 6 month, and supposedly fixed bush trips, still empty plan that cannot be recovered.

I guess in the last Development Blog, they talked about the next sim update having changes for bush trips, like being able to reset, etc. That won’t be until a July release though.

Yeah, my son crashed each bush trip into the forest. I cant start any of them because it starts me in the woods (not the runway) and instantly crashes the plane lol. I dont know how to reset