About download update (day 21/September 2021)

When I turned on my PC (I have the MSFS on a PC) this update appeared on my monitor, in my opinion under two download modes:

a) - an update of 527,68 MB, and
b) - In a small window in the center of the screen, this other download mode:
"Standard content
Mandatory update
80.49 MB "

Initially I tried the 80,49 MB download with a double click on this download, but it was not possible (at least with this procedure). I guess this second download option can be done. My question is: How can I do it?

Another thing I noticed is that if I do not do the download, I could not play with the Sim. If I do not want to download the update, how can I continue to play ?
Regardes: DelfĂ­n

I don’t think you need to double click anything, just click on the Download button in the MSFS launcher.

Can you you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? WinKey+PrtScr, past it in to Paint or some other tool, crop as necessary, save to disk, then drop directly into your reply.

You’ve got to try winkey+leftshift+S

Yes, I have that tied to my PrtScr key so I can single press, then draw a bounding box round what I want to clip, or grab the whole screen.

Was just trying to keep it simple. :slight_smile:


The download cannot be skipped, it is mandatory. That is the case for all WU, SU and hotfix downloads.
You can skip downloads in Content Manager and Market place.

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Hi @hobanagerik
Thanks for your reply, but I can’t send to the Forum the screenshot with the statements I mentioned in my post, as this screen disappears as soon as I have downloaded the update. It will not appear again until there is a new update. If you wish, I will send it to you when we have that update where again the two download options appear:

One mandatory (which I have not been able to download=80,49 MB), and the other (always larger in size=527,68 MB) which is the one I was always forced to download.
Kind regards: Delfin

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Hi @ArcanePython931

The standard content of this update was = 527.68 MB. I understand that this content is a voluntary download.

The other content=84,49 MB. (Mandatory update), if it is mandatory download. If this amount is mandatory, I have to download it, but the standard download of 527.68 is not mandatory, therefore, I can NOT download it, unless this statement (Mandatory update) is NOT correct.

Thank you once again for your participation in clarifying this issue.

Kind regards: Delfin

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All those updates are mandatory, I suspect, except the world Update itself. You get that from the Marketplace, and since it sounds like you aren’t getting that far I take it these are all the mandatory ones?

That is not the case. The 527.68MB was downloaded by the Update procedure in MSFS, at the startup of the game. You can click “Start” to start the download. That’s it. If you don’t, you get the same dialog back, next time. The voluntary part - you can postpone or skip - was actually 5GB, which was the WU-6 Germany+Austria+Switzerland pack in the Market Place, ingame. It’s the biggest size, it is not mandatory. All other stuff including the 527GB store and the 84GB boot update was mandatory. Call it a hotfix in disguise ? As I remember the previous ones, all world updates have this introductory download. You can’t skip it, it will change packages on your harddisk and possibly DLL’s adhering to new server protocols.

kind regards,

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