About setting up simple atc

hi everyone,
i am trying to figure out ow to setup basic atc in msfs 2020. i tried doing so last night but had trouble in doing so. i have my headset with the microphone plugged in but not sure how to setup correctly for it to fully work so i can hear it on my headset. if anyone could please let me know as soon as u can any info on how to get this setup it’d b great thanks again.

adam angelo

flight sim 2020 user

username tiedrhyme389710

There is no Simple ATC function in the stock sim. Is this a product provided by a third party?

I’m just talking atc in general to get it setup how do I do it I have my headset and microphone all plugged in. Please let me know as soon as u can thanks.


1- Setup your headset in Windows

2- Setup your FS20 Sound source and headset

3- Setup FS2020 to do the ATC automatically for you.
You can watch it and learn and also still respond if you want.

Hi msfsrons,
It’s adam thanks I’ll give this a try and c how it works.

There is also an option to emulate headphones. So atc sounds like it is coming from a vhf radio. And it muffles the aircraft sound like it would be wile wearing headphones in an aircraft. I believe this will give you the best result of what you what. As i am assuming what you realy want is for plane sound to come through the pc speakers and only ATC to come through headphones.

Simple ATC is oxymoronic. Not gonna happen.

Anyone can learn.

They just need the opportunity.