About the clouds

I was quite critical about the cloud textures after SU5 but having made some adjustments
in the SIM and on my Nvidia card, I have to say now that cloud textures are really quite good. I honestly cant see much wrong with them now. Maybe I judged in haste.


Can you elaborate on those adjustments please?


Yes, please, share the love. That would be great, if I could work from my end , to get the clouds looking right. Anyone remember from older versions, the motto of Microsoft Flight Simulator? Let’s get our clouds to live up to that mantra.

in the SIM I switched off Depth of Field, Motion Blur and Lens Correction.
(all settings ULTRA)
in NVIDIA I made a number of changes but I believe the most effective settings
were the Anti Alias FXAA ON (this acts in addition to the SIM settings I think)
Anti Alias Mode = enhance Application
Anti Alias Gamma correction = ON
Low Latency mode = ULTRA
Texture Filtering Negative LOD = CLAMP
Texture filtering Quality = HIGH QUALITY

No guarantees but it worked for me.


see below (or above) . may not work for all but works for me. Certainly improved things.

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Were these under Global or Program settings? I guess it really don’t matter. Just trying to eliminate variables

Many thanks. Will try as soon as possible, tomorrow likely. Will report back one way or the other.

I don’t have issues with the clouds but the cloud reflections on the water have become Minecraft. No rounded edges and a lot of blocked off reflections.


Only the few nearest clouds cast reflections on water and they look horrible blocky indeed. For VR, inconsistent “moving” reflections are added.

Turning off reflections was the single best choice I’ve ever made for my VR experience, I highly recommend it.


program not global. Dont forget to ‘apply’

dont know about VR. This is tonite, ILS approach to Venice airport.
This is the cloud reflection I see.

Yes interesting. Important that posters make it clear whether they are referencing VR as you did or monitor. In VR I imagine you want to ‘unload’ as much as you can to achieve smooth flight.

VR or Monitor? On a monitor I dont see what you describe. (see photo above)

Monitor. This image is over Denmark.

I’ll do more testing tomorrow morning. The image posted is from yesterday. Today I tried the config file thing where you change a digit from 1 to 0 in that file. Results were hit an miss. I didn’t get the odd blocks on the reflections where I was. The clouds didn’t look good at times and then they would look amazing. Tough to test when there are so many variables such as elevation and location.

Those first two pics still looking like they have pink and green tinging in places. Sorry, but external tweaks should not be needed to return them to pre-SU5 visuals. If you have to make external tweaks like that, then you weren’t too quick to judge originally IMO.

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This may not help but I have seen something like this before in a different program.
Then the GPU settings were set to not’ enhance’ but ‘overwrite’ the application
but the GPU was set to a much lower anti alias etc.
But I assume you checked that.Not even sure if that would apply in the SIM.
Personally I would hesitate to alter the userCFG.opt file, but thats just me.

it was late in the day. That colour is quite correct for the sun going down.

these arent external tweaks but proper settings provided in the Nvidia control panel to work together with the SIM.
Very normal and used by all I would assume.
Everybody uses different GPUs so they all provide these control panels to bring the GPU in line with what is expected from the SIM.
Quite proper.

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