About Windows 11

Hi all, today i want to update my windows PC, where MSFS is installed… Just a couple question:

1. Do i have to reinstall all the installed software, like office, adobe ecc... and expecialy the whole simulator; or it keep evrythings from win10 version?

2. If you have udate your device, do you think is a nice idea or is better remain to win10?

3. Do I have to RE-BUY the sim?

4. Does it keep my Microsoft reward point?

As always thanks in advance,

Everything should just work without any issues, but we all know how that can turn out. People have said that they get the exact same performance in Win10 or 11, so it’s a coin toss.

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My win 10 install runs the sim better then the win 11 install on the same machine. I would recommend to you to stay on win 10. It will keep updating for 3 more years, and wont install all the extra ‘commercials incoming’ content that win 11 seems to be creeping in to the OS.

You can upgrade 11 from 10 and not loose anything on your HD, if you do it right. If you choose to do a clean install, well then yes you will loose everything so make sure you have all your reg info avaliable for all the reinstalls ;p

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I updated to Win 11 as soon as it was offered. It was a perfectly smooth transition, just like any normal Windows 10 update. I didn’t have to reinstall anything, and I can’t say I’ve noticed much difference one way or the other in the sim. But I do think it’s a better Windows experience.

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It depends. If you Upgrade to Windows 11, you should have retained all your apps and your data and your Microsoft Account, including your purchase of the Sim.

If you clean install Windows 11. Your entire Data and Apps will be deleted. So make sure you backup your Data before doing so either in your Cloud Drive or your External Backup drive. But you don’t need to repurchase the sim. All you need is to login with your Microsoft account again after clean installation and you just need to reinstall the sim and your other software like Office etc.

Either way is fine, The Upgrade path should be a bit more seamless to do. But I personally prefer to do a Clean install because I prefer to have my PC clean of any junk or legacy files. So after clean installation, it has nothing but the files and apps and software that I want. But this is my personal preference. It’s not really something that most people do anyway when upgrading.

I myself have been using a clean install of Windows 11 since July last year (with a few regular clean installation of it since then) and I’ve gotten used to it now. MSFS works great, my other apps work great. No issues myself. Just need to get used to the new UI and the way I interact with things. But I’m a very adaptable person.

I agree with @Neo4316.

I tried to do the upgrade but it said that my PC could not upgrade to Win 11. (i9-9900K and Z390 MB)

Downloaded latest Bios but still would not update.

Did a Clean Install of Win 11 via USB (Windows Create USB)
and it installed fine.

Did a new install of FS2020 which I choose to do.

Win 11 and FS2020 are running fine.

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Thanks guys! Also for the quick and complete replies, i really appreciated! :blush:

See you in the clouds!

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Here’s a fun fact, I also tried to clean install Win 11 on my 10-year old PC running Intel 3rd Generation. By default, even trying to clean install on that machine it said that my PC could not be installed because it doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements.

So then I use Command Prompt to disable the Secure Boot check and the TPM check. Then I can continue with the Win 11 clean install after that.

I have been running win11 from august 2021. I have been running msfs 2020 with the latest update 1 22 2.0 without nowing any problems.
After update of win 11 in februar my flysim stop to launch.
Se my threads and solution under my avatar