Absurd winter landscape

Anyone knows if there’s a way to manually set some details about winter lanscape?
all northern italy lakes are shown as frozen. I think the last time this happened was during last ICE age.
I think they got shown that way simply because temperature is <0.
Any suggestion? I feel like I’m flying in Norway or something…


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You can change the Icing Effect to ‘off’. That will still allow snow to show but without water ice.

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Just change the Date in the weather settings. Winter is really ugly, even with Bijans mods. Snow coverage spreads vertically, not horizontally. And it doesn’t stay on steep rock formations. Whats the point of having satalite images if you just color everything white in ms paint. The matterhorn is unrecognizable because of this. The textures would be there but the winter effect just ruins it. And the snow also produces popins that aren’t there in other seasons.

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Can’t find the mentioned option anywhere

I think it’s in Assistance somewhere. It’s only supposed to effect aircraft icing, but I noticed that it also has the effect of removing water ice.

It’s not in weather.

That’s for Planes not for general lakes/rivers etc


Give them chance guys, its still pretty new feature - we don’t want it removed entirely, just maybe some tweaks to it.

I’m flying up in Alaska, so I am more than happy everything is frozen and snow everywhere.


I know. Read my post. It also effects scenery water icing.

And changing the date also doesn’t make the snow go away. What a useless thread. Sorry for that.

I’ve been flying the PC-6 around Alaska on a big bush trip. The PC-6 is not rated for icing conditions, but with real world metar I was getting it bad some days, so I turned icing effect off.

Thats when I saw that it not only removed icing effect from the aircraft also removed the sea ice and frozen lakes - but kept the snow cover and all other live metar weather.


I’ve set it off but it’s not working. No difference. The lakes are all frozen.

Xplane 12 have presented their winter landscape with roads being cleared from snow… it looks very good. Much better than FS tbh

Oh well, can’t say. I kept the weather live when I did it: the icing effect was the only setting I changed. But there is that bug with live weather not loading. Who knows! Maybe try experimenting with positive air temps and snow cover in the custom weather settings some more?

This is a simple algorithm. It is winter = water is frozen. A still water freezes faster than a moving water (river, waves etc.). Do you really expect Asobo to calculate the movement of water all over the world to make the ice cover on the water realistic? I don’t believe all the things players are asking for these days!


Erm do you mean calculate latitude and height above sea level? Not exactly rocket science is it?

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Yes it is rocket science.

Get worldwide perfect weather and then render perfectly it worldwide in the sim anytime anywhere? Any sim can do it. Asobo has clearly dropped the ball with the math .

No one said it would be perfect just more likely to be

Do you have a link, please ?