Absurdity - Legacy and Modern

Lots of worries in Legacy mode. Switch to MODERN mode which fixes a lot of problems. It’s absurd but after installation the simulator works perfectly. Why not initialize it by default on MODERN by the ASOBO team after installation !!!. I lost 1 month because of this annoying thing! Pfffff !!!


Happily I have been running in MODERN mode from the outset.
But nevertheless, if it helps anybody, well, good info!

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Yes it is distressing … a simple message would have been enough to help the players …

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The default setting is Modern mode. Legacy is for older aircraft (FSX…)


No, I have never touched this mode. I have a clean and uncomplicated installation. It’s delirium …

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I don’t believe you. Even if you reset the settings to default, Modern will be the default. I have reinstalled the MFS 3 times so far. Always deleted all settings. Always has the MFS set Modern as default.


I have it installed two times, both installation had ‘modern’ by default.

This sounds like ‘I did nothing’ (user calling support)


So I must have touched it by mistake, but I am very surprised and I understand better the hundreds of messages on the forum. GO TO MODERN MODE! Mea culpa if I made this mistake, but I would be very surprised … I’m sure!


Why is this setting even in the UI? It literally breaks the default aircraft. If you’re actually going to bother with importing an FSX aircraft, you should be setting this option in the aircraft configuration files, and it should be aircraft specific, not a global setting. Third party developers should know which flight model to target and the users shouldn’t even have to mess with it.


A long time ago there was a post that said exactly the same thing. Also, I haven’t had any major problems with Modern Mode so far, but when I switch the mode the problems start. With mor everything stays on modern.

And I no longer have the yo-yo effect … Yet many posts from people who have the problem. So we all made the mistake of changing this mode? It’s absurd. I never touched the options … never!

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Modern is the default for both my installs. You must have unintentionally switched it sometime. Not sure why they even have this option, as it just seems to cause trouble. Should have been in DEV mode if it’s useful for something.

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It’s possible … but frankly, I never touched the options. Finally, I’m happy, I can fly like on P3D and it’s even 1000 times better. I am really happy to find my simulator again.

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I believe preferences are saved in the cloud against your Microsoft account, so even a complete reinstall might not ‘reset settings’.

Regardless I am happy your issue has been resolved. If you believe this could be handled better by the sim, feel free to create a topic in #self-service:wishlist

Thanks … but I’m on a native install and haven’t touched anything. Hope this helps other pilots … I’m so happy. 1 month I was driving myself crazy. HAPPY !!!

And perfectly aligned on the track … HECA - LTBA … Perfect descent … I’m so happy !!!

I have always been in modern and do have the yo-yo effect since patch 1.9.3, so it is not that.

On the B787, no more problems …
and I have thousands of hours on the same aircraft on other simulators …

My first trouble-free landing for 2 months! Remember to set mode if you have any concerns.

maybe we should just make a wishlist item to remove ‘legacy mode’ altogether.

Forces the mod makers to adapt their old airplanes to the new model as well instead of going for the quick cash grab.

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