Achievements - In The Wild

Has anyone got the achievement In The Wild?

Use the Smart cam to view animals for 3 seconds, from a distance of 550 yards or less.

I am very sure that I have done this to many groups of fauna but this has not registered as achieved.

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I haven’t gotten it either. A lot of the achievements are broken. :expressionless:

They haven’t announced many ‘known’ issues - but this minor glitch in getting this specific achievement somehow is one of the big ticket items…

Yeah, said this in another thread. But a lot of the steam achievements are broken. Specifically “By the Book” and “deadstick landing” all seem to be given to people without actually completing them. I also got “Road Trip” on my second ever flight while at cruising altitude, haha.

Deadstick landing achieved for me, but I am on Gamepass. It did take a few attempts as some prop planes, when cutting the engine in flight, the prop continues to turn!

Even after the patch I still cannot unlock the “In The Wild” achievement.

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Fixed: Need Nav Aids to turn on