Achievements: Jack of All Planes and Flights of Fancy - no progress?

Jack of All Planes requires me to complete a 300+ mile flight with every aircraft in the standard edition of FS. I have flew more than 300 miles on many aircrafts. My progress is 0/100. Have you got any luck? If so, how?

Flights of Fancy requires me to complete flights of at least 300 miles using a prop, jet, and airliner. I have used those. My progress has been stuck at 66/100. How do I get it to progress?


You should get about 5% per plane. I would click around airports and try to get about 310-315 to be safe and let copilot do the rest. Sometimes the copoilot would just circle not land so i would need to myself. Also if there were huge elevation changes i would sometimes crash into a mountain. Even if i did and the flight went 300 miles i got progress for that plane

But there are a few issues. 1 being the Cesna 172 you need to use the one from the Premium version. So i am stuck at 95% until they fix this or i bite the bullet and buy it. If that causes you to not to want to go for it i wouldnt bother. The other issue I had was if I had any Liveries installed, even if i didnt use them, the progress didnt update for the plane.

As for flights of fancy i got it at some point. I think if you use a turbo prop it doesnt count for prop. So make sure its a normal Prop.