Activating approach on FMC in TBM

I’m curious if anyone knows if activating the approach in the TBM on the FMC does anything. I’m also a little cloudy on what the proper procedure if for activating the approach on the FMC and activating approach mode on the AP panel.

So far, I’ve been activating approach mode on the AP panel when I’m lining up for final approach, but I’ve heard you can do it as early as the momen you turn less than 90 degrees from the runway. I’ve also been activating approach mode on the FMC simultaneously, but I’m not sure it’s actually doing anything.

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Activating the approach makes the IF (initial fix) in the approach in your flight plan the next waypoint.
The APR button on the AP panel allows the AP to descend along the Glide Path or Glide Slope at the FF (final fix) point.

Thank you for the explanation. I guess when I activate it, it doesn’t do anything because it’s already in the approach. Although when I’ve activated it in the 172 while in the approach, it reset and directed me back to the fix.

I think some of the behaviors of the Garmins are not quite correct and may change in future updates.
But in any event APR and “Activate Approach “ are two different things.

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The patch notes for upcoming patch, just over a week from now I think, lists avionics as one of things being improved.

Yeah, I hope they use this second patch to correct a lot of the aviation issues, especially with the Garmin systems.

I know my airport has RNAV approaches, but when I flight plan to there, I don’t see them listed. Any ideas?

Did you select IFR flight plan? This will enable an Approaches drop down. Or are you saying that the RNAV approaches don’t appear in that list?