[Activities] Carribean Landing St. Juliana - Is this 40th Ann Activity Broken?

I’m having great difficulty with the 40th Anniversary; Re-Mastered Activity, Carribean Landing at St. Juliana.

At start the aircraft is not in straight and level flight and plummets. This stresses the aircraft instantly and can result in instant crash.

VFR map opens but does not work.

Auto-throttle is active but does not seem to function properly. Pulling up or pulling down does not seem to function properly.

If you shut ATHR off, the SIM re-engages it at times and on approach.

Auto-throttle overspeeds aircraft and does not set to correct speed.

Auto-pilot functions do not work. Neither AP1 or AP2 function but Auto-throttle does.

The throttle is very touchy and getting to the desired speeds is very difficult.

With proper thrust the aircraft has a tendency to fall.

IF YOU DO manage to get the aircraft under control and lined up for landing; as
you approach, the simulator begins lagging and rubber-banding, making landing almost impossible.

I’m putting this here first and not under bugs as I would like to know if others are also experiencing these things.

Also: Any solutions to get the aircraft under control or how to make the auto-throttle work. Or. Engage the Autopilot?

I have in the past made landings at St. Juliana and never experienced lag or rubber-banding.

I do have the FLYBYWIRE A320 installed but that is only Custom Content.



Do departing 747s still crash into the hillside? :smiley:


Same happens to me


I too, have the very same problem. I use the Thrustmaster Airbus controls and find it impossible to control thrust as it surges to full power and eventually the aircraft tilts and crashes into the sea.


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