Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch

I agree they need a Dev Build to be published weekly to test out things they fixed. With Steam they can easily do this through the Beta section of the game in Properties, though with the Microsoft Store I don’t know if this is possible.

We also need a public Trello Board.

Maybe through the xbox insider program? Or an in game setting for beta

there is already a huge group of alpha insiders so lets use them to test new updates

Another patch another broken mess wtf guys


Microsoft needs to intervene. This is hurting their reputation.

Cannot open the vfr map without crashing? Why is that broken, and who thought it was a good idea to release it nonetheless?


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probably we all don’t understand under which condition is this product, it’s high speed train without brakes. Just imagine, they select one user that can’t start FS as is. He will report absolutelly impossible start of FS but another will report absolutelly perfect stability and no problem. How you all now can imagine testing? :slight_smile:

Almost every organization would opt for a no-go after evaluating the impact of the issues listed as ‘Known issues’.
The fact that they are known does not make them any less serious.
Also to keep in mind is that the amazing folk at A32NX project fixed the A320neo AND ported their modifications in matter of hours makes me doubt if Asobo even tried fixing anything before the update release.

Another issue is also the refusal to hot fix. It’s not acceptable to release known game breaking bugs without a plan to hot fix them and then just be ok with saying it’ll be fixed in a month, except they’ll also release a bunch of new bugs when the new patch releases and it’ll be a never ending cycle


The latest patch again proves the need for this. CTD and performance issues abound.

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From the recent Q&A, the sim devs are interpreting this wish as a closed beta for third party developers! This is mentioned multiple times in the video.

To clarify, this wish is an open beta for players to opt-in to.


I noticed that too.

This is the branching model they should go for:

Development version -> Internal Beta -> 3rd Party Beta -> Open Beta -> Stable Version.

Where we would be able to choose between Open Beta and Stable Version. This is important since we too are making mods that can break every update.
And we’d be able to catch the devs doing something wrong quicker.


Wasn’t this supposedly to be implemented with update 9 (which was the UK one)? How is it posible we still have so many bugs and issues with every release?

And this thread or any others related to the open beta has been buried?..they really need to implement an open beta

Even with a beta you will still miss some bugs. You are basically going to get a stalled release cadence and the same people will complain that its taking too long for the updates.

These people just complain for the sake of complaining. No release will be bug free, ever. They are driving this forwards and bugs will happen regardless.

This is a computer game, not a nuclear power plant application. Taking it far to seriously like your life depend on it, lol.

There can be minor bugs. But not sim breaker bugs. And latest updates have included some breaker ones.


Despite the best efforts of the developers every update seems to bring with it unforseen issues that effect a significant number of customers. It is obviously impossible for Asobo to flight test every update with every permutation of computer hardware and software set up, so some errors will always escape testing. However the larger the testing volume the greater the chance of identifying obvious errors. I am sure that a number of us would be willing to flight test updates before they are released in order to provide feedback, where this was possible. If this team were permitted to update a couple of weeks before the release date then any glaring errors could be avoided. After all, it is in our own interests to assist in developing the simulation, so I think there would be no lack of volunteers.

I think part of the challenge with an external beta testing tier is to stand up a separate environment. As it is, there are already difficulties getting nominal paid users who bought the game through Game Pass and or MS Store authenticated and authorized in Production. Does Beta mean not only standing up a separate auth/auth but also a backend Cloud delivery for the sim components, i.e., Bing/Photogrammetry/Weather/AI? That’s both time and money to be calculated against changes to QA/UAT process.

Finally found this topic after a bit of searching. I was sure that I had read back in November or December that a pre-release beta version was planned for future patches around this time, but it has dropped off of the wish list.

Asobo is doing incredible work and I am just as excited for the future of this sim as I was a year ago, but there has to be a separate branch created for testing updates before a full release. I realise that it might be a complicated thing to do because of the nature of an always online product like MSFS, but you just can’t continue to have this situation where a user is forced to update the product if they want to use it, even though they know from reading reports that it is going to break some element of the sim.

Minor glitches etc are ok, but bugs that really get in the way of enjoying the sim should be getting caught in a testing phase.