Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch

Looks like they listened

The last patch that was released for MSFS is really unnaceptable, it broke sensitivity settings and made a few aircraft (b747/a320) even more unplayable than they were before due to major gltiches with electricity and fuel bugs. There is a large community willing to beta test patches and provide feedback before a stable patch is released. Please provide a way to have users to opt in to beta builds that they can test and provide feedback on before we have another patch that creates more bugs than it fixes.

History is repeating itself. The original quote was from September 20th, 2020, but if you replace a few of the bugs outlined by the OP, it sounds like Sim Update 5 too. After Sim Update 5, I think an “opt in” beta test feature for every MSFS player is badly needed.

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