Add a selection mode for ATC buttons

Right now you can only assign buttons to ATC choices 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. This means we would need to assign 10 buttons for all the different ATC options.

I would like to see a way to assign a button to “ATC select” then ATC selection up or down. I would love to see it work like the following.

Press the ATC select button and this will focus the ATC respsone 1. Then you can press up or down to select the different options, then press ATC select button again to activate the focused option. This would only require 3 buttons to be mapped for full control of ATC.

You could even go one further and add an option to minimize/maximize the ATC window on selection.

We have now one key to open/close ATC window, and numeric keys to make a selection. Easy as it is now, NO need to change!

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C44M0: Buttons are not the same thing as keys. No reason why there can’t be two alternative methods in the bindings - there are for some other functions.

I agree - on a joystick it would be better to have up, down, send and toggle the window. I’d be happy to give up a hat switch for that. Then again, I use TrackIR, so don’t need a precious hat switch for looking around.

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Ok, I see… Both would be fine, but I like how it is now :slight_smile:

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I use Goflight GF-ATC

And enroute the Ai-Copilot’s task!

I would personally love to be able to fly the sim without using the mouse or keyboard at all (especially the mouse). It really detracts from the immersion. I have a joystcik with numerous buttons as well as a button box with button and rotary encoders. There are numerous things that cannot be mapped to buttons as well as some of those thing seems to not be bindable in completely efficient way. Hence why I made this Wishlist item. :slight_smile:

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I agree. Add a next / previous selection in the ATC panel so a keyboard or mouse is not required.

i have buttons 1-9 for custom views and '+1-9 for atc (hold the ’ button thats next to the 1 key on the top row of the key pad and press 1-9 depending on your selection). most of the commonly used atc selections are on the low numbers so you can use one hand to press both keys.
it works well for me