Add ability to save settings profiles

Different aircraft and ultimately VR usage will require changing setting for performance optimization. The ability to establish named profiles of settings that can be called up will be useful. This is a feature that exists in P3D and is very useful

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Yes indeed, nothing better than having your custom settings backed up which saves time for many of players.

The same for separate backups settings each for Keyboard, Joysticks and Mouse.

Yet I am not sure that, say we need to reset to defaults as shown in the bottom of the Options menu, if we Reset can we still access previous Keyboard or Joystick profiles we created earlier? Have not tried this myself as yet so not sure.

Thirded +1 :slight_smile: One set of configured settings is not going to be optimized for every plane for every location where scenery density varies. Having the ability to build several saved configurations would be highly desirable.

I use different settings for VFR and IFR. I used this feature all the time in P3D. I’m negatively surprised this is still missing from MSFS.