Add an Advanced strict server for all players

Honestly I wish the MFS team can think to consider maybe adding an advanced server. Allowing players to choose between joining the free unrestricted server which can enforce no rules or realism. And the advanced server would be mainly focused on realism and strict rules with possible voice and/or dialogue controlled ATC similar the mobile flight sim Infinite :infinity: Flight.

This would very much be ideal and more fun in my opinion for pilots who want to fly without someone spawning on the runway, constantly trolling you, and/or flying around the airport like a maniac. Especially for individuals who are playing through Xbox and want true realism similar to PC players but are unable to use services like VATSIM.

Yes I know the cost for developers of any game to host more servers could be pricey. The MFS team can then consider charging maybe a monthly fee of some sort to help out with that additional advanced server. I wouldn’t mind paying anywhere from $5-$15 to be on the advanced server to help support and enjoy the game.

With the addition of the advanced server, a team can be put together to monitor the server and remove any players who choose not to follow the rules/regulations as required. Maybe some sort of discipline plan or something similar.

Based on the mobile game and staff at Infinite Flight, it wouldn’t be that difficult to implement, maintain and sustain the aspects of an advanced server. They seem to be doing an awesome job there with the servers. I’m honestly surprised the MFS team here hasn’t thought of doing something similar here to help support players who can’t access VATSIM. Right now currently it just seems anyone playing through Xbox is basically left out. And the only way to join in on the fun and realism is to get a PC and join VATSIM.

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While I agree with the notion of separate servers (and I think there are already threads about this, so I expect this to get merged soon), the difficulty is in enforcement as rules interpretation is going to get subjective really quickly. I think you’ll find that few simmers truly know and can abide (fly) by the rules and procedures for their own country, much less those for other countries, and can be a reliable source of reporting violations.

But yeah, my streams encompass both multiplayer dimensions you speak of - those where we’re screwing around in loose formations and/or virtual touring, ignoring rules and airspace, and those where we’re locked in, trying to fly by the book.

So I see the need, but the devil is in the details. And unless we can get reliable in-game ATC to tie in all the controlled airspace and towered airports, separate traffic, etc, it’s kind of moot.


I pretty much think MS does not include something like that because VATSIM exists.

MSFS always was a pretty open platform for 3rd party developers and always aimed to provide a mediocre experience without any add-ons including aircraft and functionalities. The base sim since FS98 at least was never overwhelming to newcomers but brought basically nothing for advanced or expert simmers.

They always knew they won’t have the resources to provide it all, so they focused on providing an API and other ways like WASM to take active control over the sim.

By now MS and VATSIM might have got an agreement that they keep a fair distance to each other when it comes down to multiplayer. MS will keep the sky open from 0 to 99+ year olds and respect VATSIMs business which is the serious end.

An improved MP experience will always come but I don’t think they will add a way to make it more or less restrictive because that’s against their open/inclusive approach which is also a reason they brought the sim to Xbox. Maybe they would add a way to connect to VATSIM from Xbox instead.


I do agree and 100% understand how difficult it may be to enforce rules .

But I’m sure if a complete system was in place, whether their are moderators who can take action if necessary by kicking and/or banning players, or possibly a voting system similar to Infinite Flight where numerous users can vote to have someone kicked off for the server for not following rules that it could be possible.

Also I highly doubt someone would pay to play on a server just to get kicked off or even banned permanently. I think forcing players to pay for the advanced server will keep out non-serious players as well as generate profit for MFS.

If there was a way for the VATSIM network to come to Xbox. I would be all in for it.

As far as the subscription idea I dont see it as just a profit idea, but to keep non-serious players from accessing because no one in my mind would pay to access a server just to break rules.

Hence why the main server can be free with no rules and the advanced server can be with rules at a small price.

My main idea is that there is nothing going on for the Xbox version as far as realism when it comes to flying and ATC. And Xbox players only option is to switch to PC.

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Not sure I understand the link between a subscription model and the rating.