Add icon near thread title if we already voted!

I don’t always remember if I voted for a topic so I have to enter the thread page and scroll up to see if I voted for it. And this is a real pain.
Could we see in the topic list with a small icon the topics we already voted for ?

Hi there,
Thank you for the Wishlist topic. We use forum software called Discourse, and unless the forum software has a feature for that, it’s not something we’re able to do.
I’ll leave this open in case that functionality ever comes.

Is the Discourse below the same Discourse used by MSFS Forums. ?

Discourse is a free and open-source Internet forum software. Features include support for threading, categorization and tagging of discussions, configurable access control, live updates, expanding link previews, infinite scrolling, and real-time notifications.

Open Source – on Github – so in theory, one could make it do almost anything a competent programmer wanted - given the time & resources.

In addition, users have some control over how the forum displays, by using a css mod like Stylish.
One of the past Moderators was kind enough to inform me of this and show me how to use it.

I now have a very “Stylish” forum view.

It’s the same one. There are plugins and themes available, and we’ve actually installed a bunch. (The sidebar that shows you all the top tags in any subcategory is actually one such item, as is the forum voting.) Typically, anything we have installed has been off-the-shelf stuff, and there isn’t anything available for this. The team has edited some CSS around the forums, but I don’t know what the appetite is to build something from scratch.

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Can the Vote/Voted button be added to the end of the reply chain next to the “Reply to Topic” button? This would bbe an easy way to Vote and to see if we’ve already voted.