Add local live traffic using my ADS-B receiver

This is more likely to be left to a 3rd party to do but it would be great if MSFS could use my own PiAware box for the live aircraft, without it being filtered and delayed by FlightAware. It’s sad to see dozens of aircraft in the sky over my area and jump into FS and only see a couple.

Probably a pi in the sky idea… hehehehe

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I don’t know how this would be possible if it were not in sync with FlightAware. Anything that moves out of range of your ADS-B In receiver would disappear. Likewise, traffic moving into range would also suddenly pop into existence within range of the receiver.

Yes, aircraft would pop in and out, but the range on my receiver is 150 to 200 miles, so if I were doing flights between the airports close to my house the sky would be populated just fine.

I know it is a few years later since this was posted. But since then a new application was launched for this purpose but using traffic data already fed into the online system.

FSLTL – FS Live Traffic Liveries – FSLTL is a free standalone real-time online traffic overhaul and VATSIM model-matching solution for MSFS.