Add Navigraph / SimBrief link account option to the sim

Hey there, as the title says, im requesting a option in sim to link the navigraph or simbrief account to get the AIRAC updated and transfer my flight plans direcly to my sim. Im asking for this since im a xbox user and im more a Long haul flights guy and adding every waypoint of the route and airways (because we cant add airways in the fmc) is a little bit tired to add more than 30 waypoints of the route. It could work adding the fpl to a menu section and being able to load it up in the fmc. As mentioned before this will work more for the xbox users since PC users already have this options with 3rd party products and the access to the sim folders. Hope this comes anytime soon! :slight_smile:


Xbox is slow to update. Simbrief data changes very quickly. So by the time the update happened it wouldn’t work.

I am also a Xbox user.

I see that .pln file to be imported from onedrive is under investigation which is a great move for xbox players …

What if i can manage a navigraph subscription from the xbxo store through the VFR map tap in the simulator .images (2)

That would be amazing. Right now I just have Navigraph on an Ipad and manually scroll during the flight if I am flying A.I.

There is 1 plane so far on the xbox you can sign into Navigraph on, Its the HJet. I hope this is the first of many.

will that work on Xbox?

Yes it works. You need to buy the Hjet. All it does is put up to date maps on the G3000 makes it easier for looking up certain details of you have nothing else.

This might be a tough one.

With Navblue(Airbus) being the navigational data supplier for MSFS, there could be contractual issues creating a feature that is dependent on the Jeppesen(Boeing) supplied data used in Navigraph.

This can’t be fulfilled by Microsoft as previously noted for licensing reasons. Navigraph has a solution planned for PC. Please contact Navigraph for details. There is no foreseeable solution for XBox.