Add OBS button

OBS button missing for G1000, 530, etc.

This allows you to set your own intercept course when in GPS mode. Really useful for landing at airports/airstrips without procedures or VOR.

Agreed. I was hopeful when I saw the G3000 had an OBS softkey, but it does nothing.

I use the following as a workaround:

On approach, set my HDG bug to align with my chosen runway. Then ensure, at least for glass cockpits, that the BRG1/2 is set to GPS, to point to the airport. If a left pattern, fly out to the right at a 45 degree angle, or whatever you are comfortable with. Watch the blue BRG indicator. It will slowly rotate towards the HDG bug, and as it is beginning to merge you can turn left on to the HDG bug, and the runway should be in front of you, with you aligned with it on something approximating final.

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Can’t believe we still don’t have OBS 16 months after sim release on G3000

Such a fundamental part of flying anything in IFR.