Add on Crash and Community Folder

I’m getting a hard crash (causing a reboot) since the latest GOTY edition with FSD Dreamteam’s Louisville Airport add-on. I had no issues with this add-on prior to installing GOTY.

I’m trying to troubleshoot and make sure I did the “community folder” deletion properly. My MSFS installation is on my D drive. There s NO community folder in the C: drive location that I’ve read about. There IS a community folder on my D drive where I installed MSFS, however, it is showing as empty (even with the add-on installed and with show hidden files set).

I deleted that folder, reinstalled the add-on, but it still does not show up and still crashes. Am I deleting the correct community folder and why is it empty?

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: It’s working now. No idea why. Maybe they updated it. I’m still perplexed about the community folder though.

One of the steps most people don’t know about is when emptying (or modifying) the Community folder of content, the most explicit way to ensure the sim knows exactly what Mods are to be loaded and in the right way is to delete Content.xml. Upon subsequent restart, the sim rebuilds the file automatically.

Thanks. I’ll investigate that. I guess I’m still confused why I do not have a community folder on the C: drive, but do have one on the D: drive, but is still empty even though the add-on is clearly installed.

use the ingame dev mode to find the Correct Active Community folder
depending on the install there may be more than one, only one works, though using the other should have nothing to do with the crash, thats more likely the addon itself

turn On Dev Mode in General Settings
from the dev toolbar at the top of the screen select
Tools → Virual File System
open the Package Folders tab and hit the Open Community button

Thank you. I’ll check that out.

I did this. It took me to the D: drive and the community folder I previously found, but it says “This folder is empty”. Really odd as the scenery add-on is definitely installed. I don’t get it.

it says “This folder is empty” ?

what “says” that ?

the dev mode should just OPEN the folder, it has no clue whats “in it” or any means to “say anything” afaik

Is this Scenery addon from the Marketplace? if so they usually Do Not go in the Community folder
most of those go straight in the Official folder, the Community folder is Only for 3rd party Community mods you make or download from an outside source

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I meant the dev mode opens the folder and the folder says “this folder is empty”. However, that explains it. It was from the marketplace. Thanks!

ohhh hehe cool, so the file browser shows the folder is empty - perfect, by default it should be

yea its confusing how everything works, but that seems to be the reason
glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: