Add Ons In VR

What third party addons do you run while in VR? I’m currently using the FBW A32NX and Navigraph. I’m thinking of adding PacX and was wondering if anyone else was using that or maybe some other software to enhance your VR experience.

I’m using both Sky4sim Pad and VFR Map for VR.

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I can recommend Sim EFB

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I am still waiting for a good solution that can show application windows in the cockpit.

Thanks! These look very cool.

I thoroughly recommend using an actual iPad running ForeFlight and as many physical input devices as possible (trim wheel, throttle quadrant, etc).

The regulars I can’t do without in VR are the following:

  • AIG Traffic
  • Voice Attack, Captain Anderson
  • FS ATC Chatter
  • Toolbar Pushback

Out of all of them (I know they are not essentially only for VR) it’s VoiceAttack that is the most useful in VR.
Instead of fumbling around for a flap switch whilst in the immersive confinds of VR I can just say “increase flaps” or “decrease flaps” and my co-pilot, Capt. Anderson, does it for me. Brilliant.

Good list, I use MobiFlight as it’s free and Vjoy to create a virtual joystick to allow Voice Attack commands. MobiFlight has a huge library of commands in Hubhop

I’ve just got the PMDG 737 and going to start and use that in VR but a tool to show PDF’s inside my headset.

Any recommendations?

I know of 3 ways.

  1. to view pdfs directly without any conversion, you can use this.
  2. you can convert the pdf’s to png files and then either of these will work.
    a. FSKneeboard is free
    b. Sky4Sim Pad

Sim EFB is comprehensive