Add Stuttgart Airport EDDS

Report to Zendesk, volumes of people reporting the same issue will help prioritise them.


Hopefully these military airports (several german military airfields are missing, too) will be available through an update in the near future. I can understand that due to the unavailability / pixellated of satellite data in Bing, these are not visible at the moment.
Seems like putting these in the sim will be a huge time and work effort for the devs, if they have to add them by hand.


EDDS is not a military airport at all. The US have a few buildings and a hangar but its 100% a commercial airport and the 6th largest airport in Germany, with internation and even intercontinental traffic.


@RaumElch9720575 You said it yourself, the US military has a few buildings at EDDS, which seems to be reason enough for Bing / Microsoft to censor the satellite picture. That means they have to hand-craft it, if they don’t get access to the raw data, which I am pretty sure, they don’t have at the moment.

Edit: If they did, the airport would show up in the sim.

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Other airports are missing, like LEMG, EHEH… We can hope for 2 things:

  • A Bing Maps update makes the airport not blurred anymore so AI can generate an airport there
  • Developers chime in (like Aerosoft for EDDS and LEMG)…
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Yes, unfortunately the military always take precedence, no matter how small is its presence.

I don’t think raw data is much of a problem though. I’m sure charts of the civilian areas of the airport are available. The airport is also present in FSX, so they could use the FSX AFCAD as a stop-gap solution.

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Or Asobo can just manually add in these airports. I’m not saying handcrafting them, just adding them in as a default-quality airport but using data from other sources (such as aeronautical charts) instead of just relying on satellite image.

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I am sure all 3rd party developers have read this topic so there will be soon a nice addon edds in the marketplace :grinning:

getting people to pay for airports that have always been free is truly revolutionary

As stated, there are many Airports that are blurred out in bing and therefore don’t exist in the sim. This seems to be to do with military connections.
I have asked the question a few times about if these airports will be shown inthe future or if they will need to be add ons. I haven’t recieved an answer yet.

There may be some legal stuff why EDDS removed.

I think LFOT is absent for Military reasons.

Stuttgart don’t need to be blurred due to military reasons!
It is not blurred in Google, not in the official German survey department nor is it forbidden to take pictures on site.


Tell Microsoft this then!

Oh good to know. So if it is not blurred for military reason what might be the reason than? :thinking:
However i will wait for an addon.

It is blurried because they don’t like Maultaschen ;-).
But seriously. It is blurried, because the Base is very old bing data as stated here before several times. In this time several maps were blurried. Also in Google. The good news is that I heard they plan bing updates. The bad news is that I think this will take long time because the bing team will not only update it for some people that play flight simulations. No offence here.

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Is this right, the Airport Stuttgart is not Available ??

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Uff thats strange thats must be a Bug :triumph:

It’s not a bug, it’s blurred out on bing maps so there is no data available in bing for it.