Add Stuttgart Airport EDDS

The Stuttgart Airport is an important International Airport in southern Germany and also freuqently used by VFR-Pilots.

Stuttgart airport, the largest airport in southwestern germany and the 6th largest in germany is somehow just a big potatoefield. Would be nice if the propper one could find it’s way into the game. Cheers :smiley:

Bing apparently blurs the airport in satellite view, is this for legal reasons?


A very small part of the airport is used by the US Army. That is likely the reason.

In google maps everything is visible though.

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Well rendered in both Apple and Google maps so hard to understand Bing’s treatment of it (and others)


I’d really appreciate EDDS to be added.


So I bought the Premium Deluxe Edition with 40000 airports but Stuttgart, one of the big International Airports in Germany, just doesn´t exist…

It also makes no sense that it is blurred in Bing, Ramstein Airbase is crystal clear for example and also usable.

I would expect that a product which tells me that I can fly anywhere, would have at least all international airports in Europe…


For someone living in Stuttgart and having gone through getting a new PC, downloading FS20 and re-learning everything, the missing ‘home’ airport of EDDS is utterly frustrating! …considering that graphics etc in FS20 are meticulous, and that every other poopy little airfield in the vicinity is featured. When advertising ‘almost every airport in the world’ to be featured, clearly this missing sixth largest in GER is unexpected, especially since EDDS had been covered by numerous third-party addons in previous versions. So, it can’t really be a legal issue. Or is it?


Waiting for EDDS, otherways MS/ Asobo will wait a long time for me buying the game.


It has been reported several times by different people during the alpha and beta phase (including myself).

Several issues were filed via Zendesk as well regarding the missing airport.

It was there in the first version of alpha. Since alpha 2 it’s missing.

Stuttgart is my home airport also, and I told Asobo/MS that it would be a shame, when the sixth largest airport in Germany isn’t in the game, but airfields like EDTQ north of Stuttgart (a rather small airfield) and Esslingen Airfield (even smaller grass strip) are there.

So MS/Asobo, it’s your turn now to explain, why this airport hasn’t been implemented, though to several complaints.


A shame! If there are legal reasons, ok… but I doubt, Ramstein is there, so what is the matter? No Homebase, no buy. At least I still have Game Pass but not willing to spend any extra money. Very disappointed :frowning_face:


I really think it is the problem of Bing.
I understand why Microsoft won’t use google maps and use their own system.
But unfortunately Bing maps in reality and certainly in the game are very outdated.
Blurring former “secret” cold war airports are since long time not blurred anymore.
In maps. Bing apparently does.
In alpha the Bingmaps were sometime more than 15 years old.
This could be a problem. Because if this stays like it is, in the future we have to buy again lots of third party stuff to get the world right.
For planes I understand, but it would have been nice if the world of fs2020 was complete done and finished right out of the box.
Hope for new patchversion now.

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Living near Stuttgart this is again sad!
EDDS was missing in the old MS FlightSims too.
Small gras-strips all over the worls are included but such a “big” airport not?!


They will fix it… Jeez they cant build the airport in 24 hours…


They will fix it…

Says who?

Jeez they cant build the airport in 24 hours…

Says who?


Its pinned to the top. Dont be such a pain.

The dev team are aware that some airports may either be missing, missing a feature/building, or have other issues that affect their use. If you find an airport issue, please submit a ticket to [Zendesk ]

You can also use this thread to discuss concerns about airports, but again, if there is a bug or issue, be sure to report to Zendesk first. Thank you.


They won’t build it like the detailed EDDF airport. It will be just another generic airport like nearly all of the airports around the world.
If you want a realistic looking EDDS you would have to wait für 3rd party addons like the German Airports series from Aerosoft for FSX.

That’s totally fine, BUT: The airport isn’t in the game yet. If you fly over it looks like a potato field and you can’t see or select EDDS in the Worldmenu.
Hope they will add it soon!


Yeah that they should fix.

See my previous post.

It was in the game, as an generic airport. Looking good enough.
It was in the game in the first alpha version! Gone since alpha 2.

Issued and reported by at least 10 people over the last 6 Month (!!) or so!

I think most (all?) auf them have reported it via Zendesk as well.

So whats up Microsoft/Asobo?
Please reply!


i think those first alpha airports were just the FSX afcads imported in