Add toggle Mute / Unmute sound shortcut key during flight

Add toggle Mute / Unmute sound shortcut key during flight. just like the “Q” button on Fsx and Prepar3D etc…

Absolutely I was just searching how people do it without “Q” and could not find anything. Having to use sound mixer is overly cumbersome.

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Please give us ability to mute the game sound like how we did with the ‘Q’ in older versions of FS.


This! I searched everywhere for the key binding but was surprised I couldn’t find it. Ended up adjusting the master volume to listen to Chewwy streaming on the MSofficial channel last night while flying :slight_smile:

Yes, please! I use this function a lot in FSX/P3D.

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did you guys find out something in the options for muting/unmuting all sound or it simply does not exist yet?

There are no binds available for toggling game sounds.

ok thanks. would be great to have one however

Amen. Not a big deal, but also not a big deal to remedy.

this. this is a function that we need. Sometimes I like to mute on the fly if I can’t hear a vatsim controller well.

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Please add a key binding to allow the simulator sound to be toggled on/off as in legacy iterations pressing ‘Q’