Add TrackIR Reset Option

Occassionally, TrackIR will stop working in the simulator and the only way to get it working again is to restart the simulator. When this happens, the TrackIR software itself is still working. Please add the ability to restart the TrackIR service/plugin from within the simulator without having to restart the sim.


I thought something like this already existed?

Within the drop down menu in the sim, there is / was an option to turn on / off trackIR?

I haven’t looked in awhile so not too sure if it is still there or does exactly what you are looking for.

Yes, I know what you mean. Unfortunately it doesn’t fix the issue, but thanks.

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Voted - this problem is really annoying. But there is a workaround: Open the windows search bar, enter “mouse emulation” and run it.


Agreed, super annoying - especially since the sim isn’t known for starting very fast.

And I don’t quite get the mouse emulation workaround, moves the mouse cursor in windows, but does nothing in the sim. Not even the mouse cursor is moving…

3 years of owning track ir ive never seen this happen. Im wondering what on earth would cause this and why it only happens to certain users.

I have had the same frustrating problem and never found a solution - until today, when I found this on another forum (posted by someone called “Glenn Fitzpatrick”) Totally works!

In the Track IR install directory is a program called TIRMouse.exe (apparently intended for use in programs with no native Track IR support). If Track IR stops working in FS2020, just leave the normal Track IR app running, run TIRMouse, and voila - it’s working again in FS2020!