Adding 2 Rendering Windows doesn't effect main thread but a 3rd kills it

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Yes, on for monitoring.

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Yes - no difference

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Using the EXERMENTAL multi monitor setup, if I add an additional 1 display (to create a total of 2) then I get near zero FPS hit. My main thread time goes from 11ms with 1 display to around 12ms with 2 displays. If I add a third (as you do with a proper triple monitor setup then FPS is reduced by approx. 50% with my main thread time going from 12ms to 30ms. This drop occurs only when adding the third window, not the second and occurs regardless of the rendering size of the windows (i.e 4k or 2k). I

It doesn’t matter where the 3rd window is positioned or adjusted to - adding the third halves the main thread time.

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Can if required

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Simply add an additional rendering window and then add a third.

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7900X3D, CL30 6000Mhz RAM, 4090.

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3 x 4k 55" TVs. It doesn’t matter which display is displaying which window - its always adding a 3rd that kills main thread time.

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All builds

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Do you have FrameGeneration on? Without it I have quite pleasant triple screen experience.
When FG is ON everything is ok only up to 2 windows like you described. 7800x3d 4090.

with FG ON

with FG OFF

Thats interesting. I do run with FG on, although note it only works on the main screen not the two side monitors anyway.

I wonder why putting FG on would increase the main thread time? I thought that was purely GPU driven…

With 3 screens with FG ON the main screen is driving others - if you have 40 raw fps ( smooth 80 with FG ) on the main window then other windows have to have choppy 40fps and mainthread goes high because of waiting doing nothing despite you have resources to generate more frames - there is no cpu bottleneck. That’s why I fly without FG and get 50-60 fps on all windows.

this is exaple when fps is artificialy limited, main thread goes high but cpu is almost idle