Adding city names

I figured out you can enable city names in the menu. If you do that, you will see a marker over few cities which helps you navigating in VFR. But (in Germany), these city names are very very rare. I wonder if there is any kind of file which contains the city name and the underlying coordinate which would give us the possibility to add city names by ourselves.
I checked the FS-package folders for an appropriate file but to no avail.


There used to be a program for old versions of FS called EZ-Landmark, later FSDiscover. I submitted virtually all the data that was used in it. I would love it if a similar sort of program could be developed to add small markers above features in 2020 just for recreational sight-seeing. Still got all the data, nice and modernized!

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I’d imagine it should be relatively easy to just import the city names and required geographic data (for placement) into MSFS 2020. It would be nice to have all major cities and towns flagged with one of those visual pop-up signs, showing name, distance relative to the player, etc.

Flight sim purists will object. They need to be overruled. And the feature would be optional via the menus, anyway.

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I would also like it if this was enabled. I think the game can simply pull the data from Bing Maps without even having the community to add the data or something.

There would need to be a way to limit the cities so the screen wouldn’t be covered.

I would like to see this too, too many would spoil it but big towns and cities would be welcome.

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VFR Explorer let’s you find all 400 3D and more than 150 000 cities in an very easy way. When in a flight you can also teleport to other cities without going through a new loading process.

Search for VFR Explorer rksoftware.

I’m glad you figure it out! Can you share how?

VFR Explorer

1. Start the "VFR Explorer" app

2. Click "City(3D) Touring" or the "City Touring" button
	- select a city to explore and make a CTRL-V when your cursor is in "FS WORLD MAP" Search box. 

3. Click  the line with the radians for the selected city,
	- then click "Custom" and "SET AS DEPARTURE" to start your flight in the air
	- or select an airfield in the city surroundings to start from a runway

4. Click "FLY"
5. You can add your own POI(Point of Interest) to poi.txt file
	- Start up Bing Map app and right-click the position you want to add and copy the lat and lon data
	- open poi.txt file and add "name of poi"*"county/state"*"country"*lat,lon
		i.e. Asker*Viken*Norway*59.833946, 10.439018

6. You can also add POI when flying, in VFR Explorer name your poi and click "Add POI"

7. You can also teleport to another city(3d), city or poi when you are in an active flight in FSFS2020

	- First, select a city or poi, and then click the "Teleport" button

8. When you set a poi, you can rewind your flight back to that position when needed

I loved that app!

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pity nothing like this for the xbox