Adding damping mods to Virpil VPC ACE pedals?

Ok, this started as a reply in another thread, but it’s clearly too big a topic to be a reply in a thread about another brand of pedals. So here goes, sharing my thoughts on adding damping to the Virpil pedals and asking for people to share their thoughts and, hopefully, experiences.

I bought a motorcycle steering damper months ago in anticipation of getting the Virpil pedals after seeing a youtube video of someone putting one on the Virpil pedals using generic, but not too complex hardware. But that was left in Canada when I headed to the US 3+ months ago for family matters and I got the Virpil pedals here in the US. So I haven’t tried putting the damper on. With the soft springs the pedals had out of the box I found I was kind of wavering back and forth while trying to center the pedals and really wanting more damping. But that effect is greatly reduced with the stiffer spring (included with the pedals). I did send Virpil support a message urging them to add damping to the VPC Ace pedals and to make that an additional option, or standard for the future, but still retro-fittable to the existing pedals in the customers hands (feet?) now. They sounded very pleased to have gotten the suggestion and promised to pass it to the folks who would implement such a plan/product. I sent them various links, like the youtube video with the dampener mod someone had done. Who knows if anything will come of that. I was excited to hear of a new pedal set from Virpil with damping adjustment built in, but was pretty disappointed when the ACE Torq pedals came out and were a new design lacking all the features of the existing ACE pedals, the tow brakes, heel placement options, etc.

But clearly damping is on Virpil’s radar if they made the ACE Torq pedals. I just hope I won’t have to buy a whole new pedal set if they make something with damping adjustment that replaces, and doesn’t add on the original ACE Flight/Interceptor/Collection pedals.

Here’s info for various user mods for motorcycle damper on classic ACE pedals. I’m finding a bunch more videos for this that I did last time I looked?!!! Some cool ideas, various levels of complexity, fabrication:

This guy has gone hog while with some super fancy fabrication for his hele cockpit. Holy heck!!! I hadn’t seen this before now. Will have to watch in detail after work tonight!

Pt 1

Pt 2

P 3

And here’s a thread about a mod someone in Russia was selling to get damping with friction, not using a motocycle damper. Don’t know about the status of this or how hard/possible it would be to do business with him in Russia? Looks like a very informal business with no website, so you’d have to join this DCS forum and send him a message to buy this damper mod??

If anyone does their own mods or implements one shown here, please do share your experiences! Eventually I’ll be doing some variation on this mod!

I guess my main gripe in having to modify the Virpil pedals to accept steering damper is that I could instead get the MFG pedals and modify those to have a mounting solution instead and that would probably be easier (e.g. piece of plywood lined with rubber mat or something). And the second gripe is that I wonder how well the Virpil’s pedal mount would hold on laminate floor with the damper, especially with heavier setting. I might end up having to devise alternative mounting solution to them if modifying them with damper.

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Oh man. Got to say! Looking at the MFG home page now, If I had seen the latest MFGs with the damper and pedal options I might not have gotten the Virpils! For various circumstances, life being what it is, haven’t been keeping up with the MFGs I guess. The multiple pedal option and shipping with a damper is great. Don’t hesitate to buy those if you have no Virpil bent. I got a Virpil HOTAS maybe a year ago, spent a while before deciding on the Virpils. But lately life has been nuts, I’m in the US, my main computer gear is in Canada. Various circumstances, haven’ simmed in over 6 months, Saw the new US Virpil store and said, what the heck and ordered the pedals I’d been lusting after. I’m looking into making an 8020 frame/mount for my Virpils, so I wouldn’t fret over the MFGs lack of mounting. All kinds of not too hard was to mount to your circumstance. Not that the Vipril stock frame and pads aren’t good. On a dust free smooth hardwood floor they stay darn planted. Any dust or grime and the rubber pads don’t stick as well. Way more planted than my TM TFRP, which I liked. But I want to try messing with 8020 just to do it. So, we’ll see what I come up with. I’m sure I can get a motorcycle damper on my Virpils just fine. One order from McMaster -Carr and a little wrenching. I actually bought one to check out. A nicely crafted ebay ohlin’s clone. And it’s back in Canada. Drat. Life in complex times.