Adding Fauna to a scene

Can anyone advise on how the Fauna POIs work? I’ve created one and I only have the name and owner fields to set in properties. How do I associate it with an animal? Tried naming it like those in the app (i.e. “Place Name - Seagulls”) but I don’t see anything.


In Developer Mode I suppose you need to search from the Objects / Simobjects list of assets, the animals you want and place them there, in you area of interest? I saw them there in the list as far as I can remember.

I’ve added them that way but they don’t move, just stay in their idle animation. Not great for seagulls, lol

Ok in this case I wonder if animated fauna should be in a separate package / project with the structure we find in the SDK Sample called BearsSample.

@Quanghoster You need to load an SPB file (grab anyone from the scenarii dirs). Just be aware for flying animals, it will spawn like 700 of them.

I dont know how to do with a script.xml though as that crucial part is not included with the bears sample in the SDK :frowning: