Adding Fauna to a scene

Can anyone advise on how the Fauna POIs work? I’ve created one and I only have the name and owner fields to set in properties. How do I associate it with an animal? Tried naming it like those in the app (i.e. “Place Name - Seagulls”) but I don’t see anything.


In Developer Mode I suppose you need to search from the Objects / Simobjects list of assets, the animals you want and place them there, in you area of interest? I saw them there in the list as far as I can remember.

I’ve added them that way but they don’t move, just stay in their idle animation. Not great for seagulls, lol

Ok in this case I wonder if animated fauna should be in a separate package / project with the structure we find in the SDK Sample called BearsSample.

@Quanghoster You need to load an SPB file (grab anyone from the scenarii dirs). Just be aware for flying animals, it will spawn like 700 of them.

I dont know how to do with a script.xml though as that crucial part is not included with the bears sample in the SDK :frowning:

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Anyone found how to include moving fauna in a scene?

Something like this?

The solution was in the docs for a while, take a look here

I have planned to do a tutorial about that, but Is gonna take a while

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While work in progress i hope to get these moving

It looks fun to me that kangaroo’s in a herd, are jumping up to speed across the red sands
Or killer whale’s are swimming up the beach grab some sealions or penguin

Yeah, something like this! Just reproduce the moving fauna of the game somewhere else would be good (I want to put geeses in some places for there migration).
The moving whales would be great too!

Got the Great White created still not moving but it’s something

Its possible, the really hard part is getting them to follow non two dimensional paths. Thats why oceans are perfect, airports that are flattened, birds in the air. But try hilly terrain and they tend to climb like crazy

Love the cats!

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good morning ! yes it is possible there are some scripts available in the simobjects! I use it in several scenes! thank you Mr Manu for your precious help :wink:

Anyone has the trick to includes birds (geeses) in a scenery? I added geeses from the simobjects section but they don’t appears. It got to work a few time but not all for the bears.

No tricks needed
In the scenery editor, scroll the objects list until your reach worldscripts
There you have all the Asobo animals default flocks and you can place them everywhere in the world

Creating your own script is a whole different story, they remove the script editor and must be done manually via poorly documented XML code

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