Adding Smoke to Chimney

Does anybod know how to do?


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That would be great, but I think we need to wait for Asobo to add smoke effect.

anyway thanks

In the objects window, choose FX as object type.
Look in the list for fx_spray, fx_sparks, fx_engsmoje or fx_engfire

Hi, thanks

i tried, but i have a Nuclear Power Station.

mutch to little.

any clue?

Have you tried ModelConverterX

In the pdf manual there is an example of adding smoke.


I will try modelconverterx, have it already installed.
Give feedback if it works.


yes it works, thanks

But anybody knows how to make it like a cylinder for start and then disapaere?

or tell me if you know parameters.

anyway thanks.

Since update no FX at all tried every Methode even on in sdk no error no smoke, before update i had smoke.
Trieded Animation, and use of FX File no way.

Anybody can help me about?

Particle effects are coming in the next SDK update, right?

Smoke also needs to have “windsock” properties - ie take the direction of the wind ( and windspeed )

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Hopefully you have right.
I think it wil come with dx12

Yeah this is one of the thing I miss in FSX days. I believe someone made a mod for factory smoke in outlying NYC areas. Was pretty cool visually and also told wind direction as well. It’s little stuff too like this that adds to the immersion level for sure.

As stated, once DX12 is implemented all these goodies will start flooding the add on scenery not to mention the doorway will be one for ASOBO to integrate many new visuals.

Maybe as read Particle Effect will work in next update. Hope so
I can‘t wait until 9-11 February, will see

Any news about that?

Sorry, but nobody is willing to give some help about. Please Asobo tell us how to.

I’d like to vote for this ! put it on the wishlist and let Zendesk know (submit it as an SDK bug)