Addition of taxi texture ONLY

At KMQY there is a small section of taxiway Alpha between the two runways that has all the appropriate markings, associations and such… but it’s grass. Like the asphalt polygon was never created. Can I open the stock Airport and just add that single texture beneath all the existing markings?

Edit: Why is this SDK forum so dead? Is there a more active website / discord for such?

Much thanks.

With the upcoming Scenery/gateway hub there will be a way to modify stock airports, but in the meantime ,
You need to create a new project to add stuff or modify an existing Airport

If you want just the cosmetic part (add apron/polygon for the taxiway and a painted line for the taxiline) you can create a empty project with an airport and add the stuff you need, it will be loaded on top of default

The added scenery, as described, won’t have the AI functionality (because it is disconnected from the default). If you need that too, you need to redo the whole taxi network (so called taxigraph/AFCAD)
There are some tool on line if interested

The official discord has a SDK channel

I have one too if interested

Thanks so much for the info!

Anxiously awaiting the gateway hub. Hopefully we’ll be able to “open” an existing airport with ability to see & edit the existing objects, markings, polygons, etc…

Hi there,
Yes, there is: The SDK team monitors those forums and actually answers help questions over there.

We collapsed the SDK category back down to one category and left it open for people’s convenience, but the real SDK party is over there. :wink:

I haven’t seen it yet, but that is the goal. You will check it out and then check it back in when you’re done. We will not be able to add custom models. I am hoping that that feature will be added in the future.

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Thank you for the link!

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By the way, this tool creates a project from the default airport , so you can load into the project editor and made changes

(And the whole fsdeveloper forum is very SDK active!)

You can also try the in SIM tool to import data from default airports, you can find it in the scenery editor (you need to start a clean airport project first)

![se_viewmenu_6_importapx (1)|520x377]

In any case, you can’t play with the default buildings, you can only remove them, cause they are mostly auto-generated

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for this! Will give it a “go” and fsdeveloper forum has been duly added to Favorites! :slightly_smiling_face::+1: