Additional Buildings for GA Airports?

Are there any add-on packs with additional building/objects for use on smaller GA airports? I’m trying to update some of the small GA and private airports in my area but the selection of buildings built-in for use with the SDK is somewhat limiting. Open T-Hangars, 1x10 3 sided “open” Hangar, Personal Hangars, Automotive style fuel pumps, picnic tables, etc. The list could go on. I’ve tried “building” some of these out of available objects, but actual models would definitely speed up the process.

Give blender a go follow some guides on YouTube you will have the hang of it pretty quickly, building hangars isn’t to hard once you have the blender basics down. Anything you aren’t sure how to do is usually easily found on youtube or an internet search.


Awesome, not sure how I missed the Scenery Library section on


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