Additional/Optional Key Bindings for No Smoking/Seatbelt Signs


I thought I’d mention a feature that has been hovering in my mind for some time:

The ability to map out Key Bindings for No Smoking and Seatbelt Signs.

Reason I am suggesting this is because have you ever wondered how realistic it could be to hear the SeatBelt/No Smoking and Cabin Crew Call Chimes from within the Cabin of an Airliner without always having to activate them from the Flight Deck and only listening to the Chimes from inside of the Flight Deck!?!?

It could be an idea from the Passenger Perspective. I mean, you have the Window Views of various Airliners. So why not remotely activate the Seatbelt Signs etc. From the Cabin using your own Keyboards and actually witnessing the sight of the Seatbelt Lights in the Cabin turning off and on as well as the Iconic Chime along with it?!

Just a Suggestion! So it doesn’t have to be set in motion! It may have already been mentioned somewhere along the line. But any thoughts folks???

Unfortunately, this sim currently does not allow a lot of functions to be assigned a keyboard shortcut or an axis, which is a shame and a huge design flaw in my opinion.

For example, I really miss a separate axis for reverse thrust and raising/lowering the gear, a shortcut for headphone audio simulation, and of course for all the special buttons and keys of add-on aircraft (e.g. ND range selector knob and FD switches in the PMDG 737.).


I’m a simple man. I see a voting thread for key bindings, I vote. In my view there should be nothing clickable that isn’t assignable (and plenty that isn’t clickable)! Home cockpit builders need those bindings.


I do this now but I am using Spad.Next because it allows a button to be assign to play a sound. That is what I did in P3D and now MSFS