Addon aircraft that support wear and tear ala tbm900 xp11 style exist yet?

Im just wondering if there are any 3rd party aircraft yet for fs that have features like the tbm900 does for xp11, where it has a hanger, there is long term wear and tear on the aircraft, maintenance etc.

I havent seen anything like this at a quick glance, yet?

Thanks in advance

Keep your eye on A2A, they finally seemed to have resolved some issues that were preventing them breaking into MSFS development. If you’ve not seen their stuff before you could do worse than check out their website for P3D/FSX product videos, that will give you a good idea of what to expect when they start releasing addon aircraft for MSFS. :+1:

Yeah i did see the comanche 250 is coming. Ive had their stuff way back when, but i cant recall if it had the cool wear and tear long term use thing like the tbm does with xplane and i think others like pocket rocket etc.

Borh PMDG DC-6 and Justflight Arrows have a basic maintenance setup available in their tablets.

But if you go to “\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes” even Asobo planes have a custom variable to store engine accumulated hours, so it´s possible that game implements a kind of maintenance system in the future as they could expand that with other variables.


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Yes A2A accusim aircraft do model a persistent state and wear and tear. I have the Comanche for P3D with about 470 hours on it which I did an around the world trip in. All cylinders on the engine are pretty worn… I am hoping when it arrives in MSFS that the same files are used and I can continue with the same hours and persistent state I currently have. :+1: