Addon developers of freeware products use GitHub

Using Github for your addons is better for security, transparency of code review and reliability reasons as well as the open source licence.

Addon developers give it a try.

But only for add-ons where developers want to share their source code I’d have thought, but not all do.

I share my weather presets here but presets aren’t protected via any kind of “compilation” anyway: GitHub - DoNotBeOnFire/msfs2020-weather-presets: Some weather presets for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

We have all of Simstrumentation’s Air Manager instruments hosted on Github with all the source code. It makes it great for our dev environment and for distributing stuff to end users before we submit to the Air Manager community store.

I definitely wouldn’t be using a public repo if it was payware stuff though.

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GH isn’t nearly as user-friendly as the .to site. Some virtual pilots barely know how to extract a folder and get it where it needs to be in the Community folder.

1 Like is great for compiled, final products. The OP is referring to using GitHub where the actual source code of the freeware stuff is also accessible. You don’t get that option on

I see your point, but there might be some freeware dev’s that still don’t want to share their source.