Addon issue

I recently added some addon scenery which I’ve done many times. This time some are okay but for some reason some came up in the Profile/Content Manager/ Not Installed area. There’s about 6-8 that are there. When I click on them it doesn’t show a size or that i can install them. The info tab at the end of addon says it is waiting. Not sure what’s going on. Did i stick them in a wrong area.

Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?

These appear to be Community Mods. Make sure they’re in your Community Folder, and the folders themselves are at the right level.

They are in the community folder I believe . Ill check again tomorrow. Not sure what you mean by (right level). Didn’t realize you can move them up.

Just thought of something. Ill check tomorrow and do a screen pic . Show you where i have the addon’s put maybe some are in wrong areas.

Have a look at these pics. I think things might be in wrong folder. I did have all my oddon scenery in another drive. Moved them into this area on the main FS folder. I might of screwed up.

I don’t know the order in which you posted photos, but the one where the Mod Folders are directly under Packages will definitely not activate the Mods. The second one where everything is under Community appears to be correct.

ya. the upper pic is just showing the directory structure and the bottom pic is just further down the structure. There are 2 Packages folders as I go down. Not sure if this was correct

originally /i was using Package Manager and all seemed normal. Then i downloaded the MFS Add on Collector and also ModManFS. Just tried them a bit and I think I did a couple addon’s through one of them. I beleive thats when things got screwed up. I think I’ll get rid of those two. Not sure where they put the files as I dont really see the files that come up in Content Manager in the sim. Have you any idea where thoser files might be that show up in the sim or where I can look for them. Might as well get rid of them if theyre not going to install.

I’m afraid I don’t. What I recommend is doing a search on your drive for folders named Community and make sure there’s only one.

Alternatively if you recall what the folders for those management add-ons are named, you can search for those.

K. I’ll do that here when i have some time. Appreciate your help. I know there are 2 folders named Community in the Flight Sim folder. I think the pic shows them but I’ll confirm that.

forgot to add i added more Community folders as I saw one fellow had said he had done that because he had lots of addon’s and wanted to separate them so when you went into the sim you can activate the one you were going to be flying in and load times of the sim were quicker. I havent put any thing into those others yet.

Have a look at these pics. Tell me what you think .

Is the flight plans supposed to be in here.