Addon that show people inside terminals and boarding the plane etc. (A320 preferred)

I saw somewhere (that I can’t retrace)

Addon that shows people moving inside terminals and boarding the plane etc.
It was very cool … I’d like to add that …

anyone know what it was?
The A320 is preferred and I think that is what the plane was…

Is this what you were looking for?
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Hi there, Was it called GSX? or something close to that?

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GSX Pro.

Be advised, those “features” don’t work right out of the box for all Airports / Aircraft.

It works best with Third Party payware airports and custom profiles that have been built (can build your own, or find them on

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that’s it … GSX Pro , I recognize the baggage loading …

so , does anyone recommend this? What’s your experience with it? thanks for the replies.

It’s fantastic for Airliners, but as I mentioned, it’s best served with payware and custom profiles.