Addons in Community appear as NOT INSTALLED in Content Manager, after updating to and World Update IV, although they are installed

Same situation here (MSFS and 3rd Party Addons)

Thank you for confirming.

Is there a Zendesk ticket for this? Does the Asobo team know of this issue through the forum here or Discord channel?

Will there be a fix for the G1000(blank MFD panel) and this issue?

Well it doesn’t start the update until you press “Update” , the screen shows how large the update is and there is a tab you have to press to start the update, so all you do is move the community folder before you press update. Job done.

They may be working in the sim, but the scenery can no longer be edited in the SDK as far as custom models are concerned. So its a BIG MAJOR problem

It may look like its cosmetic, but as a developer i can no longer develop the scenery in the SDK. So its a MAJOR DISASATER


Thank you for your reports.
The community content may appear as “Not installed” in Content Manager, but it is installed and usable in the sim.
We are currently investigating this issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


I have the MS Store version.

Same for me

check this : Fix for package builder - SDK Discussion / General - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I have same issue - all mods are SHOWING not installed, although they actually are and they work.
I tired disabling them (Mod manager) - no difference - but it does not seem to be causing an issue.

I am on the Steam version.


they have ever been shown as installed ans also that they were in the community folder

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Same situation here (MSFS and 3rd Party Addons)

On my end, the mods appear as uninstalled in the content manager, are present in the community folder, but have no effect.

The devs always surprise me with which they come breaking in the sim in each and every update, whether World or Sim. I don’t believe that, since yesterday, I have been wasting time with such a petty but pesky thing that keeps me from feeling like flying.

This got merged from another topic discussing CTD on startup from having addons in community, not just addons not appearing in content manager, so this might be a good way to cause a potential misunderstanding for the devs thinking there is only one bug. Although it might be related.

Well, thank you for letting us know.

A few months ago, I realised that FS updates can break addons. And this has happened to at least a few addons for each major update, despite having only 16 addons!
I like having control over the addons, that is why I prefer buying with developers to put them in the Community folder: the first time I bought from the Market place, I got a problem: Microsoft emailed me that all was fine, but I couldn’t install with the Market Place. I had to go to the forums, and Jummivana sorted the problem (proof of what I explain here: First time trying to buy in the Market place: Fail!).
But I would rather avoid having to do that each time. Hence, addons in the Community folder.

I love FS, but if it has to be like being at work again, finding bugs and reporting them (I have been working in software testing and validation, but now in QA, as bugs were just too much…), it’s no longer a hobby… instead, a source of frustration, as we can indeed read in the many posts here.

This is the reason why I only have paid for 4 addons so far, because testing addons properly at every FS update is extremely time-consuming, etc, etc…
Not because I don’t have the money!!! The next rig I am thinking of is likely to be £ 6000, since I haven’t spent anything in the last 15 months… But because I want to avoid the hassle. If it wasn’t for this issue of broken addons, I would have bought many, many addons.

This is a shame for customers and developers alike, for obvious reasons.

I think there needs to be a way to improve things without causing loss of compatibility at major updates. I am just thinking of developers…

What customers enjoy is fly and explore, not investigate and try to find fixes and workarounds.

The most frustrating thing is the fact that many, not all of course, bugs appear in features that are not that technically challenging, like the “NOT INSTALLED” bug… When we consider the innovative Brilliance of most FS features, we can only wonder how can such “silly” bugs occur, with all the brilliantly talented people working on FS.
It’s one thing to be brilliant, it’s another to not check.

But, be sure I love this sim! I wouldn’t spend time writing this if I would think it’s bad.

Therefore, I give the developers my utmost respect for their Brilliance.
I just expect a bit more care in avoiding bugs.

Thank you.

EDIT: Fortunately, my Logbook is still intact; I hope it remains so, as I mostly value the number of landings, and enjoy the landing challenges. “Show me your landings, and I will tell you what pilot you are.”

I have also thought from the beginning that both “not installed” and add-on scenery “CTD” issues are closely related and must be looked into accordingly. However, I’ve come across many, including some forum moderators, that keep saying it’s just a cosmetic issue, which I totally disagree. Such comments have only been misleading and underestimating the consequences.

By the way, this thread is not visible at or accessible from the main forums page, most likely removed since the dev team is hopefully working on it. I, and surely all of the avid simmers, are looking forward to being provided with a fix real soon.


What’s your evidence that they are related and not just cosmetic other than your thoughts?

Tested and found out that most of the add-ons cause CTDs without a notice since yesterday.

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Well, somehow mine doesn’t crash. And I have a ton of payware airports and payware aircraft. And all of them are listed as “not installed” as well… So there is a hole in your logic.