Adjust voice speed (ATC, traffic, co-pilot, checklist etc.)

I’d like to see the option to make autogenerated voices speak faster. It was nice when running a checklist for the first time to see it slowly ran through, and for ATC to speak slowly when being a beginner sim pilot.

However, after many flights, the speed of which the AI talks starts to feel real slow, and I suppose unrealistic when you consider how fast ATC talks IRL.

Especially when cancelling ILS it takes ages before I can finally do something with ATC again, which is frustrating when the ILS approach is bugged and I have to cancel it last minute in order to manually ask for landing clearance on the runway I intend to land on.

I’d have to wait and sit through the whole “Daher. Golf. Sierra. Alpha… Xray. Golf. Sierra. Alpha… Yada yada yada confirmed” And lord have mercy if there is another airplane in the vicinity.

Same goes for the checklist. I still like to use the assisted checklist, but after having it done many times I just wish it would go through it a little faster.

I wish there’s something or someone who can make the checklists a bit more real. Especially the before start en landing checklists.

Atc should be a fix in a future update i thought. Especially those ultra long taxi routes are awful.

For an old timer like me, I’d like them to be slower, and if this idea ever gets on to the Asobo radar, to me that would be a natural continuation of the speed spectrum.

Yeah, that’s why it would be very handy to have a slider or a couple set speeds to choose from. Because there can clearly be a use for them having to talk slowly.

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The speech during the checklists you mean?
I do notice that it sometimes mispronounces certain items on the list. E.G. in the TBM, the item “Flaps LDG” is pronounced as “Flaps Lodge”. I’m no pilot but I’m sure it needs to be pronounced as “Flaps Landing”.

The speech also goes bonkers if the copilot AI is enabled to handle ATC and they start talking amidst the checklist. Always as soon as the engine has started, the copilot will immediately start requesting pushback. This will entirely halt the checklist, cause a long pause after the pushback request is processed, and cause the copilot to name the last item on the checklist before it turns back to normal again.

These are minor notes though as I digress. I’m mostly just interested in a variable speech speed that can be increased or decreased.

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I support this. Flight Simulator X (not sure about the earlier ones) had a slider to adjust the speed of ATC from slower to faster than the default.