Adrenalin 22.5.2 - 22.7.1 & HP reverb G2 Problems - 22.8.1 brings the fix

22.8.1 is working great for me, 2D and VR.

Reverb G2
R7 3700
Win 11

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the simulation is not fluid, I was testing continuous and numerous micro stutters,
Now I’m back to drivers 22.5.1 and it’s much better.
I even noticed that with the same flight, settings and aircraft used, with 22.8.1 I had lost about 10 fps, often they were below 39/40 fps and did not go beyond 47 fps while with 22.5.1 they never went under 40 fps and I also got to 61 fps.
Unfortunately I have no videos and I am not part of the SU 10 Beta

I might again go back to 22.5.1 whql , as AMD seems not being able to release a working driver without big issues :roll_eyes:

22.5.2 started with Headset problems, fixed in 22.8.x and broke something new.

22.8.x has issues in Video-Editing software, wrong colors, blackscreen while playback, not usable.
These drivers have over 500mb now, full of bloatware and do not work. Everywhere i look it is the same, i really cannot understand this trend. :zipper_mouth_face:

As i still was on 22.5.1 due to driver bugs in the later versions i found it quite annoying not being able to use an updated driver.
Well, AMD released some days ago a new version of the PRO version and this one works for me flawless.

AMD Software: PRO Edition 22.Q3 Release Notes | AMD

maybe you guys give it a try.

Did AMD fixed issues with VR reprojection technologies with the new drivers?
The last drivers to work with Motion Smoothing (and similar) were the 21.5.2 (May 2021).

I’ve tried most of all after 22.5.1 and i was never satisfied with motion reprojection.

Btw you can download 22.10.1 optional now, maybe it’s better. I use the Pro driver now, 22.Q3.

Du you happen to use DCS in VR with this driver? Anything to tell? I updated to 22.9.2 yesterday as MSFS decided to quit with the recommendation to disable overclocking, driver update etc (your graca encountered a problem blabla) and then DCS was a festival or stutters. So I’m having the dilemma of this sim or the other one, currently I have 22.5.1, RX6900XT OC.

i have DCS, but i only use it once in a year :upside_down_face: i’m so in love with the scenery that i prefer the real world scenery over the Jet realism.
But i have to say this 22.Q3 driver works really solid for my needs, msfs & applications :+1:

I guess I‘ll just have to try it.

yes, please report back if you also have positiv experience

Do motion reprojection works with these drivers?
Actually I have a 2080ti and no VR, but I would like to change card and take a VR headset.
I have tried in the past a 6900xt and an index, but Motion Reprojection was not working with amd drivers.
I would prefer an AMD card, but not if Motion Smoothing (ASW, Motion Vector as every vendor call it) does not work.

I tried Motion reprojection several times and every time i tried it i didn’t like it. I don’t know if it is supposed to look like as if there is water below the display when i move the head, i don’t like it.

That is because with AMD drivers it does not work how it is supposed to work.
As mentioned I tested variuos VR headsets with my 2080 ti and a 6900xt, which I sent back because it was smoother with the Nvidia just because Motion Smoothing worked correctly only with the Nvidia cards. Only the 21.5.2 drivers (may 2021) worked correctly in VR. But I decided to send back the card and keep my 2080ti as I cannot fly without Motion Reprojection. Because no machine in the world can deliver 90fps in VR with complex Flight Simulators like DCS and FS2020.
I also sold my VR headset because of this, but I keep always an eye to returning to VR but I need both a good card and a good headset.
Anyway back in topic, I see that AMD still has not solved its VR issues with reprojection technologies.
Too bad because their card are solid ones.

ok, i finally download the latest 22.10.2 WHQL driver, i hope they did a good job now!

If it sucks again i’ll switch back to the green guys the next time i upgrade my GPU.

AMD Radeon™ RX 6900 XT Drivers & Support | AMD

AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.10.2 Release Notes | AMD

First flight after the driver update was a CTD after months of NO crashes! Crashed before being on the runway!

Did 3 flights now and all is good, performance is great in VR, i’ll let it on the system. If no other crashes happen this driver seems good.

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