Advanced/improved aircraft failure management during flight & supporting of training process (eg. case study)


Last update: 2020-09M-24

FS2020 as supporting / accelerated teaching tool and mastering pilots skills for new/advanced pilots and air fans.

It should allow train/improve correct instincts/reaction during emergency, educational purposes or just for casual players give chance for experience making decision under high pressure and understand the weight of wrong decisions.

I think it will be also profitable for pilot environment and also aircraft manufacturers / schools.
(I hope) They might be interested and also support this feature.

Its can let flight simmers experience a new phase of the pilot experience.

Some Technical Stuff:

1. Advanced Failure
a) internal

  • Hydraulic Failure
    • (fully) - Its force pilot for using only engine for landing, control plane
    • (Partially) - eg. Blocked temporary rudder, gear failure
    • (soft) - eg. reduced control of flaps / yoke
  • Main Computer Failure
  • Electric system Failure / APU
  • Radio failure (Affected by Solar Ham or other cases) (* Disabled ATC / Communication services *) You check at this website
  • Failure of pilot pulpit parts, … etc. (Partially disabled features, wrong results or just LCD screen gone out or eg. pitot tube damage)
  • Bird Strike (broken cockpit window, damaged engine)
  • Engine Failure (eg. 3 of 4, … , total and glide ratio…)
  • Hypoxia (Cause by wrong human error (manual pressure control or Aircraft damage)
  • Hail storm ( eg. broken window, damaged flaps, engines etc.)
  • Reduced vision (Fog, Hailstorm, Heavy rain, sand storm)

b) external

  • Remote activate / control /trigger (Teacher can control simulation behavior externally)
  • Pilot telemetry (Black box & data visualisation) (Useful for teacher - analyse student performance)
  • Integration with shared cockpit

c) settings (Simple and advanced mode)

  • Type of issue
  • Duration
  • Chance
  • When it will happen (trigger)
  • Additional options depend on components (eg. how much engines should be affected)

2. Case training (Only well trained pilot can react fast, cold blooded with lower risk of mistake)

  • Using significant accidents with good explanation (what was wrong, how deal with it and finally practise)
    • Crew error
    • Navigation error
    • Hardware failure (Radio failure)
    • Software failure
    • Weather (eg. Downburst, Solar Storm)
    • Disabled ATC services
    • Affected by military operations
    • Decompression (Time limited, wearing oxygen mask and expedite descending to 2000 m)
  • Create some cases depend by history
    • Hudson River (US Airways Flight 1549)
    • Pitot Tube Failure (Air France Flight 447)
    • MCAS
    • T.B.A

T.B.A more soon

If you have any idea… how improve it just found mistakes… etc.
feel free to say, I will appreciate!

In general, it would be nice to even have the options to set failures while the sim is running. If I want to simulate a fuel pump failure I can only do it before I start the simulation.

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And also you can observe your student/s or friends how they react when (few examples):

  • Weather change
  • Failure handling
  • Broken cockpit window

Just like: learning how handling most hard situation even if stress lvl is too high

Are there any plans at all in the pipeline to add a training failures feature to MSFS2020. Many of us in the virtual airline world would like to see this added for use in training for the Vatsim ratings program. IT could be an extra app or built-in to default aircraft models, for example.

I am thinking of engine failure, engine fire, hydraulic failure, anti-ice system failure, pressurisation failure and so on.