Adventure of a Vegas slot machine repairman

… now this would be a great bushflight in the next sim installment, 64 days in the air in a Cessna 172:

The world’s longest flight spent more than two months in the air | CNN Travel

in FSX we had a land-on-a-truck mission so the code for their refueling scheme should still be buried somewhere. But what about the thermos supply?


Thermos? and there i thought aviators only drank 100LL!

Moved to #gd-interests:real-life-aviation as screenshots and World Discovery are specific to the sim experience.

You are half right - we actually drink a cocktail of 100LL and MIL-H-5606A… out of a Gats jar. It’s sort of like a cosmo.


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Also, those boys didn’t have FPS problems… well, except for day 36. Great story btw! :wink: