Adventures in MSFS2020 with my thirteen year old cpu

Exploring the Columbia River

Approach into Bergen

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VNAV into Innsbruck

Approach at Ronald Reagan National

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A trip around West Cornwall; RNAS Culdrose to St. Mawgan

The Isles of Man

Im curious what hardware are you running? you say its 13 years old but this doesnt look too bad at all

I’m running an i7 3930k o.c’d to 4Ghz, with an rtx2070 and 24 gig of ‘assorted’ DDR3 on a 32" 1440p g-sync screen.

I’m constantly amazed by how well this sim runs on what is now my fairly ancient hardware.

Cessna 414 VNAV in London City airport

From Okayama to Takamatsu

do you have your ram in dual channel mode?

Yeah, I’m aware my ram will be running at the speed of it’s slowest module…

Spitfire circuit

DC6 into EGLC

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