Advice improving my setup in VR

Hi Everyone, I run VR quite well on medium settings but I would like to get better graphic detail while flying the world. I would be grateful for advice on what to spend more money on rather than guessing as a relative non technical user.
I use the Oculus Quest, i7 8700K, 32 Megs, Nvidia 2060super. Is the answer CPU, graphics card - or both! I’d rather try just one.
Thanks for any hints.

Am afraid to say that any upgrade will likely be bottlenecked by whatever remains. Also can’t significantly upgrade that CPU without a new motherboard.

I started with a 12-gen paired with a z690 and 32GB of RAM and 2070. It did alright. Moving to a 3070ti made a huge difference. Went to 64GB of RAM with very little change. Saving for a 4090 with the expectation that it will make another big jump. After that, I will swap for a 13-gen but expect minimal improvement. I just want to maximize longevity before I have to completely replace the system after 3-4 years.