[Advice] Video: How to Fly and Auto-Land an Airbus in 15 Mins

From one noob to another if you just want the very basics to get flying and exploring I hope this helps!

How to Fly and Autoland an Airbus in 15 mins. Ok 16 minutes.

If you have learned the basics of small aircraft flight, some flight planning, basic radio nav, and some basic auto-pilot use you should be able to do this.


  • Plight Planning
  • Finding ILS (Auto-Land) Frequency
  • Finding Glideslope Elevation w Skyvector
  • Autopilot: Speed, Altitude, VS(pitch)
  • Inputting (ILS) Auto-Land Frequency
  • Takeoff Landing Speed
  • Auto-Throttle
  • Autopilot Source: LOC / Approach
  • Reverse Thrust

** Video correction: The flaps may not look engaged before takeoff. Double check. You will get an overspeed warning if they are not fully retracted.