Aerial Simulations F-117

Hi everyone, today i’d like to reveal an MSFS aircraft I’ve been working on. It has been a pretty big learning curve but I’m starting to come to grips with the SDK and finally feel like I have something to show. I intend this to be a reasonably cheap payware addon, with about as much systems depth as the FA-18. Currently uses the FA-18 HUD and MFDs since I haven’t gotten around to learning javascript to make my own :sweat_smile:. Cockpit modelling is almost functionally complete with a bit more eye-candy to come in the future, and finally, cockpit texturing. Then it’s flight model work (which is already not too bad) and hopefully done!

Anyway here are some beauty shots…

Go to to follow along with development.
I’m also thinking about possibly streaming some development in the future as well!


The F-117 is such a strange plane. Always amazed this weird collection of polygons can even fly. :smiley:

Your model looks very good and detailed already. Looking forward to that.


That’s all right. It used the same weapons computer as the F-18.

A lot of the F-117’s components were taken from other planes, as it was easier to do (as well as to hide the purchases back when it was top secret). The landing gear is from the F-15, and the engines are from the F-18.


This brings me back to my childhood when this thing was first revealed to the world. I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

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This week I finished modelling and animating the gauges, with the exception of the fuel gauge, which needs a fuel system first… I also modelled and animated the stick and rudders, and began tidying up and decorating the rest of the cockpit. Oh, and implemented the canopy animation.


Will it be invisible on VATSIM? :angel:


Great work - many thanks! Was already wondering when there would be an F-117 for the MSFS. I love it! I can’t wait to fly this baby :slight_smile:

This week I finished off cockpit modelling by making a seat model to replace the F-18 one I was using for scale reference, and adding the final bits of detail to the canopy and back wall of the cockpit. Now its time to start unwrapping and texturing.


Spent 15 hours baking AO in blender but it’s finally all done and the work in Substance can begin! Here is the first render without any texture work except AO.


Looking good!


Looks Awesome!

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“Highly stealthy aircraft like the F-117 Nighthawk are aerodynamically unstable in all three aircraft principal axes and require constant flight corrections from a fly-by-wire (FBW) flight system to maintain controlled flight.”


Initial texturing done, still lots of normal work, grime tuning and decals to go. But I’m starting to feel happy with the colours. Plus all the things I forgot to UV map…


Beautiful! can’t wait for this :smile:

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I give this project a thumbs up

Played a fair bit of Microprose’s F-117 2.0 back in the day, it was a great game. Looking forward to flying the Nighthawk in MSFS.


I remember having a diecast F-117 & F-19 as a kid. Think i got them from an aircraft museum shop. Stumbling upon this & I still feel the same amazement at seeing the F-117 Nighthawk. Looks brilliant.

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Unrelated to the F-117 but you should check out Tiny Combat Arena if your a MicroProse fan. It is a ton of fun!


Yeah I got it when it was released and it’s pretty fun but gets a bit old after a few games so I’m waiting on more content to be added. Love the modernised mid 90s style graphics though. Gouraud shaded polygons are extremely my jam. Nü Microprose are also publishing a modern B-17 game and also teased a new Gunship! game as well.


Maybe that’s why it was nicknamed the wobbly goblin :neutral_face:

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Nobody called it that :wink: