Aero Dynamics DC-10 / KC-10 for MSFS

Um, flying a KC-10 in a flight sim is no different from flying a DC-10. I’m not sure why y’all think you need planes armed with missiles or the ability to actually refuel another sim plane in order to fly a KC-10.

I’ve flown in real military planes. MSFS is make-believe fun. Let people do what they want to do. 25% of this is amazing graphics, cool sound, and decent system simulation. The other 75% is imagination.

(And if you don’t agree, you’ve never pulled 7.8Gs in a real plane. Simulation is amazing and awesome, but it’s what you make of it. :slight_smile: )

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Well yea, simulation can do only so much but I am satisfied if the behaviour and flight dynamics are right with the systems. It means if I can fly it perfectly in game in real life I have a chance to get it on the ground in one piece.

And it’s a game, personally when I fly the DCD F14 for example I am all about doing reckless things without getting jailed or found that god is in front of me a moment later up a shiny stairs :rofl:

This looks really promising, could make a nice military cargo aircraft for my AH2 VA.

Haven’t seen anything on this for a while, has there been any updates or has this turned into Vapourware?

They’re doing quarterly updates, the next one should come this month :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, I just wanted to post a bit of an update on this thread as a bit of an insider on the project. They just had an update today with a bunch of new content that I wanted to post for people to see here, and you can check out the full drop on their Discord here Aero Dynamics

Some of the unmentioned plans I wanted to talk about here for the DC-10, particularly two seldom known systems, the planned navigation system, the Collins AINS-70, and the autoland aid, the Performance And Failure Assessment Monitor.

The Collins AINS-70 was one of the first commercially accepted RNAV guidance systems, installed on the original DC-10-30s when they were delivered, and we would like to represent it as true to life as possible. This includes the VOR/DME triangulation it used for position reference, as well as the triple mixed INS systems used when outside of VOR/DME range. The capabilities of the system are surprising, being capable of SIDs and STARs, despite being designed in the early 70s. This means it will be a period correct navigation system that is fully capable of modern RNAV procedures, as any other modern FMC is capable of.

Meanwhile, the Performance And Failure Assessment Monitor was a system included with the ILS and Autoland function of the DC-10, was a display that would show a predicted touchdown area, and if the approach deteriorated or there was no contact with the ILS, it would notify the pilots to go around, or engage in an automatic go around in Autoland mode. It will give pilots a sense of comfort while doing a low or no visibility autoland approach, and I hope it interests all of you.

One of the biggest goals of this addon is not only to bring one of the highest fidelity renditions of the DC-10 to Microsoft Flight Simulator, but to breathe new life into these aged systems from a bygone era with all the information we have on both of them, which is extensive. The team is open to applications for anyone experienced in systems development for MSFS, and any help to accelerate the process and add to the team and quality of this addon is appreciated.


Fingers crossed this beauty makes her way to Xbox :crossed_fingers:

Looks stunning, and I applaud the attention to detail.

Sadly there are no plans for it to be on the marketplace, and the external systems coding is unlikely to be compatible with Xbox. However that is subject to change if anything else changes, but as it stands it’s very unlikely.

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This is looking really good!! I like that you are trying to keep it period authentic with all systems in it.

MSFS will never have a “war” mode, and I can’t imagine why in the world we would need such a thing to be able to use the tanker version.

I get that you must want a “war” mode. You’ve got DCS for that.

I, personally, would be super excited to use the tanker version in a peacetime capacity. There are plenty of missions that require refueling that do not require going to war.

Not to mention the chances of a KC-10 coming under fire are pretty slim, even if it were at war.

I’m in complete agreement with you. I love flying the Corsair and P-38 and Spitfire and P-40 etc, etc in MSFS. I have zero requirement for a “war” mode, and would not use it even if it existed.

Any scuttlebutt on if aerial refueling will become an option in MSFS?

The plane looks beautiful. This could get me into wanting to fly an airliner, especially with the KC-10 version.

The devs want to do some proprietary coding for aerial refueling, but hopefully Asobo steps in and adds native support for it, as unlikely as it is. I should also mention that the KC and DC will have completely different avionics suites, as the KC will be based off the current avionics of the fleet, and the DC will be largely based off the KSSU(KLM, Swissair, SAS, UTA) avionics suite which includes the AINS-70 RNAV system among other things.

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That would be a shame but thanks for the heads up


I don’t think it’s all that unlikely. Probably not for two years, but I would bet on its likelihood in the future.

You can always hop over to PC to enjoy it. Study level aircraft are probably a pain to attempt to fly on Xbox anyways.

Well, I’m not speaking for the team on this, but a partnership with Asobo on the aircraft would be nice. They might have their fill on old study level widebodies for the time being though. SU10 will be adding a lot of SDK functionality that will definitely help with the intended systems and flight model though.

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I also forgot to include a couple more images demonstrating the basic capabilities and function AINS-70, so I’ll link them now

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You guys could probably make the ORBIS DC-10 actually flyable :+1:

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The issue there is the Orbis DC-10 is actually an MD-10, and there are no plans for MD avionics. That said, there will probably be a fictional Orbis livery for the DC-10 freighter.