[AeroDesigns] - KMHT Manchester Boston Regional Airport Announcement

Hi everyone,

After our successful release of KPWM - Portland International Jetport this time last year, and the update we did afterwards, we went on to create our next airport. After some delays we are now focussed and diligently working on our next release for MSFS. We actually won’t stray far from Portland for this one as we have moved only slightly southwest so hereby we would like to announce that we are working on Manchester Boston Regional Airport! (KMHT)

As we both quite enjoy making airports for the east coast of the USA and looking around for what would be our next airport, our choice quickly settled on Manchester as it is a relatively larger regional airport in the greater Boston area and has quite some interesting characteristics, routes and real life development going on.

We will keep it short for now as we still have a good amount of stuff to work on, but we are aiming to improve our quality following our previous release and it is already starting to show in the screenshots below.

A few of the features we can already mention are:

  • Highly accurate and detailed 3D models of the Terminal exterior and interior, and airport buildings
  • Fully custom high-resolution ground textures and markings
  • Custom and fully accurate 3D Mesh for the entire airport area (take a look on maps/google earth and you’ll see some of the interesting elevation changes…)

As me and @IamMrPickles69 both do this part-time besides our full-time jobs it will take us a few more months to complete but we’ll do the best we can to release this in a timely manner.

If you happen to work at Manchester and would like to help us out in our development to make the airport as accurate as possible, please don’t hesitate to send either of us a DM or contact us on Discord, we would greatly appreciate some pictures or information of particular areas where we don’t have great references yet.

Also if you haven’t, you can join our Discord and/or follow our Instagram for the latest updates if you’re interested.

That’s all for today, will update you again soon.

Daniel & Cameron

Discord Server - Aero Designs
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/aerodesignsim/

Below screenshots are WIP


Very excited for this!

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KPWM was a great airport so if KMHT exceeds that quality, it should be pretty impressive.

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